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I have the pleasure of reviewing the famed Lelo Ella, thanks to the lovely folks at Kama Sutra Closet. Kama Sutra Closet is a boutique of only the most body safe, healthful, quality products. Kama Sutra Closet is located in here in California, a fabulous place to be, and if you take a look at their facebook page, you can check out a few pics of the boutique. If you can’t make it out here to Cali to shop, don’t fret. Kama Sutra Closet has all of their items listed on their site. Including the Lelo Ella in both black and white. I received Ella in clean simple and lovely white. Ella is my first Lelo toy, and a fabulous Lelo toy at that.

Lelo Ella is a favorite toy of many. Rightly so. Ella is sleek, simple and luxurious. A truly beautiful double ended dildo, of modest yet perfect proportion, on either end. One end crafted precisely to pleasure the g spot, and the other end being more of the conventional dildo shape. You may have noticed a resemblance, the Ella was inspired by the also notably famed, Lelo Gigi.1

Ok weird. I never thought in a million years that modest and perfect would be used in the same sentence, when describing a dildo. At least… when I’ve described my personal perfect in the past. But Ella it is just that. Modestly perfect.

Ella’s stats:
♦ Just over 7″ long [18cm]
♦ 4″ around at thickest point [10cm]
♦ Made of hygienic body safe silicone

Ella is made of a matte finish silicone, and her measurements make her the smallest of my favorite dildos. The Vamp, and Echo being of much more girth. Ella’s g spot end makes my legs quiver as my orgasm comes. It’s as if Ella were crafted just for my vagina. She slips in just about effortlessly, with a little water based lube applied, and her convenient shape puts a bit of pressure on my g spot.2 And when used in unison with a vibrator on my clit, outta this world.3 The other end of Ella is more of a conventional shape, but still fabulous. I’ve used this end in the shower often. I sometimes partake in jacking off in the shower.4 Ella is perfect for shower play being that she’s smaller than most of my dildos, and the taper of this end allows Ella to easily glide into my vagina. Larger toys are rather uncomfortable for me to hold and play with while standing in the shower where as, Ella is light, and fairly ergo.

The Lelo Ella has aided me with learning the art of squirting. And an art it is.

I guess before I had Ella, I was more of a gusher. But now that Ella and I have been properly acquainted, I’ve been able to squirt.5 Which is a very interesting experience.6 Though, not every session with Ella have I been able to squirt, but Ella’s shape and design is perfect for targeting my g spot, therefore soaking the sheets, towel, bed spread…7 And of course, my guy loves watching the whole shebang. So it’s a win-win. And if you’ve read my blog in the last month or so, you know that I have a certain piece of stainless steel to get prepared for.8 I hope one day to perfect this whole squirting business.. because I’m a total fan, and so is my partner.9 At that very moment, when I master squirting, life will be perfect.

Ok so quite honestly, I’m stumped as to why this dildo works so wonderfully for me. I seriously thought I was a budding size queen. And Ella’s much smaller than I thought was my preference, but I consider Ella to be an all around fabulous dildo. Plus I love that Lelo cares enough to package this beauty in a chic black rectangular gift box [10"x4"x2"] with a satin storage pouch for you to keep it safe. Ella also arrived with a handy one year manufacturers warranty and a users guide. Although I don’t see need for either. This dildo is crafted to last. As long as you don’t stick it up your ass, you won’t need instructions.10)

Ultimately, you’re set when you purchase a Lelo toy. Every detail is accounted for, from the gift box, to storage and directions. As long as you care for your toy, it will most probably last your entire lifetime. Kama Sutra Closet has Ella on special right now for $37.40 if you’re looking to master squirting, or at least try your hand at it like I am.

The LELO Ella is a Femenina Deliciosa Hot Product!

Thank you Kama Sutra Closet!

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  1. Which I have yet to try, but now long for thanks to Ella. []
  2. Which feels fucking fabulous and brings on multiple orgasms. Pardon my language but she does. []
  3. Yeah cheesy sounding.. but so true. Ella’s g spot end is entirely fabulous. []
  4. I enjoy sex in the shower as well. Scorpio=water lover. []
  5. Oh my. []
  6. In a good way. Sure I wasn’t used to it at first, and I was nervous about it, but now after a few experiences it’s less different, and more natural feeling. []
  7. Good gawd I need a Liberator throe. []
  8. Ella is helping me wonderfully with that. []
  9. Probably even more than me. []
  10. Not safe for anal play with out a flared base. []

8 Responses to “♦ Review: The LELO Ella”

  1. LucyLemonade says:

    I really love the shape of the Ella, I’m going to keep my eye out for it!

  2. Garnet Joyce says:

    Ella is my fave dildo and that’s saying a lot because I’ve owned 14.

  3. Elodie says:

    The Ella’s been at the top of my wishlist for a long time. I’m jealous, I want a white one too!

  4. Trix says:

    Sounds fantastic…even though I’m tempted to go with the njoy Pure Wand first, the Ella has some definite advantages. (I’m rather small inside, and the gentler material sounds good.) And since I’ve still had trouble finding the ideal shower toy, this sounds nice.

  5. Ginger says:

    I too love Ella, especially for being of such “modest” size. So soft and perfectly shaped…

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