There is no other way to start this review, with out saying, I wish I had this book long ago. Hot damn I do. Sex Toys 101 a playfully uninhibited guide by Rachel Venning & Claire Cavanah [The founders of Babeland] is the best book that I have come across to introduce someone to the pleasures of sex toys. I am a fairly recent convert, and I sure wish I had this paperback let’s say in 2008. Seriously I would have known which toys were body safe, I would have known which toys to avoid, I would have purchased wisely from the beginning and I would have had a fun time learning about sex toys with my partner by reading an entirely entertaining book.

And now that I wasted a little bit of cash on the cheap, terrible, jelly monsters, that burn your skin [though I never got burned because I used a condom] I have been blessed with what I like to call my sex toys bible. The bible, aka Sex Toys 101, is 176 pages of every implement masturbatory, and sexual. It even teaches the readers how to masturbate.

Chapter 1 all about anatomy. The human body, a beautiful piece of living art. I love my body and I love my partners. This chapter urges the reader to take notice of their vagina or their partners. It then goes into detail about all parts of the female genitals, the clitoris, the vagina, the g spot, and the anus. Then it tells us the wonders of female orgasm and the illustrious female multiple orgasm. Next up, male genitalia. The penis, testicles, anus and prostate are all covered and then they dive into the male orgasm, and tips on multi orgasms for males.

Chapter 2 sexual expression and communication. A fabulous chapter basically telling the reader the benefits of masturbation, and how to have an orgasm. Sex Toys 101 then covers the fuel for the fire. Porn and erotica, communication and dirty talk, and dressing up and costumes.

Chapter 3 all about vibrators. How to use them, the history of vibrators, and introduces each style of vibrator. Beginning with and not limited to the hitachi, the wahl, bullets, rabbits, clitoral, g spot vibes. this chapter teaches us how to shop for a vibrator, how to use it, and how to care for it.

Chapter 4 dildos and strap-ons. One of my favorite chapters, because I have yet to own a harness. In this chapter we learn how to choose a dildo, the history of dildos,  the many different types of dildos. It then moves on to harnesses. My biggest wish is to own a harness. Sooner than later I’m sure it will happen. This chapter has helped me see the different varieties available and positions to use it in. [Basically the same positions as regular intercourse.]

Chapter 5 anal toys. My guys favorite chapter. Why? Because we both like anal play. This chapter covers everything you need to know about sticking a toy in yer bum. Getting past the taboo, how to play, cleanliness, and anal toys. Plugs, beads, dildos, lube and safety precautions are all covered in detail.

Chapter 6 toys for boys. The male masturbation chapter. This chapter makes me wish I had a penis. It covers masturbation sleeves, cock rings, vibrators, and yes more anal play and anal toys. I was very delighted to see that one page in this chapter is dedicated to achieving multi orgasms for the males. A fantastic achievement. [pg 119]

Chapter 7 - lubrication and the importance of being slippery. Lube is thy friend. Remember that. In this chapter we learn why lube is our friend, and all of the lubes that are available on the market. We also learn the pros and cons of each lubricant. but most importantly we learn that lube is thy friend.

Chapter 8 - Bondage and domination [The BD of BDSM]. A fabulous chapter for me to read. I have not played in any type of bondage situation. Not even a scarf to restrain me. This chapter was an informative read. I learned a lot about myself by reading it. I figure I’d be more of a submissive if I were to take part. In this chapter they cover the top and bottom aspects of bondage and domination. They help the reader understand why they are interested in bondage and domination, give safety suggestions for play, and tips on advanced planning. Then come the goods. Blindfolds, cuffs, collars, restraints, and ropes. They even offer a Top or Bottom quiz. [That's where I found out I was a bottom. Should I wish to play.]

Chapter 9 - playing with sensation. Sadomasochism [The SM of BDSM.] Most simply put, a sadist is the person wielding the painful pleasure, where as masochists are the ones enduring and serving. In this chapter the implements and techniques are covered in detail. Paddles floggers, whips, crops, canes among many others. This chapter is quite interesting. And hmm, tempting. I might have to dabble in the future. As for now I really want a harness and that’s all I’m thinking about.

Chapter 10 - keeping it safe. I feel this is the most important chapter of the book. Safe sex. This chapter covers what safe sex entails, the how to, and STD’s that will be prevented when you practice safe sex; Like AIDS, herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea etc. There is a Field Guide to Condoms where all the types of condoms are covered in detail, like different size, texture, shape, and material. Then we move on to how to chose the right condom for a blow job. Good tips. Soon after dental dams the protection for eating pussy and ass, and gloves are discussed. And their usage is described in detail as well.

Sex Toys 101 is incredibly informative, and I have a feeling that I’ll be reading it a few more times, and every time finding some new bit of info not found before. The owners of Babeland have created a book that many will enjoy. Full of fantastic tips for self and mutual pleasure. I have to say, if you’re a sex toy expert this book might not teach you anything new, but for those who don’t know everything, this is the perfect book to have. A five star book of sex toy information. I’m entirely pleased to own my copy as it has introduced a few new ideas of play into my relationship. Get your hands on a copy at Babeland, the woman friendly, and people friendly, sex positive sex shop.

Sex Toys 101 receives the Femenina Deliciosa Hot Product rating!

Thank you Babeland!

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4 Responses to “♦ Review: Sex Toys 101 by Rachel Venning & Claire Cavanah”

  1. Screaming Violet says:

    We all seem to get taught (in one way or another) about our bodies, sex and how to have safe sex with a partner. But we seem to miss out on learning about having safe sex when it comes to toys. Like you I wish I’d had this book years ago, I got to 31 before I even knew of phthalates or their dangers. Years in which I had more than 1 unsafe, gooey, gross, jelly style toy.
    I hope in years to come sex toy safety will get a mention in future generations sex education.

  2. Trix says:

    I never thought I needed this book since I’m not a newbie to toys, but I’m definitely reconsidering. I think the BDSM chapter would be really helpful (I want to take the quiz!), and the toys for boys chapter just sounds so, so delectable…

  3. This book contains are lot more information than I first assumed. I like the fact that’s it’s much more than a guide book to sex toys but throws in sex education in there as well. Awesome.

  4. I love topics that this book covers! I’m always learning something new everyday and chapters 2 & 3 interests me at the moment! When I am brave enough, I shall explore the other chapters of BDSM :P

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