My next System Jo review is that of the Chocolate Delight System Jo water based lube. I loved my experience with the Sweet Pomegranate, and I was way too excited about trying a Chocolate lube. You know me… I love me some chocolate. If you don’t know me… I’m a pastry chef, and I work with Chocolate in my profession. I even like to tell my family and friends that chocolate flows through my veins. Yeah, I’m a die hard chocoholic from day one.

So anyway, the bottle that this scrumptious lube comes in is a clear cylinder, which is comes in handy to see how much of the 5.25 oz of product is left in the bottle. The graphics are clean and professional looking. The pop top lid is very easily manipulated with just one hand. All you need to do is push the red button and the lid flips up. Which is perfect for those moments where you only have one hand free.

Ingredients: propyl parabenmethyl parabensodium carboxy methyl celluloseglycerin, purified water & chocolate flavor.

As I stated in my last System Jo review, Some people are staying away from lubes that contain glycerin. This lube contains glycerin, so consider yourself informed. I personally did not use this lube vaginally. Mainly because I have a slightly sensitive vag and I don’t want the risk of getting a candida infection, which some glycerin lubes have been known to cause. I did use this lube to aid with hand jobs, blow jobs, and clitoral play, and it passes these tests with flying colors. Oral was fabulous, it doesn’t leave a nasty aftertaste, and it’s chocolate flavor is delightful! Clitoral play was just as fabulous. System Jo lets my toys slip and slide over my sensitive bits without any resistance, and without getting gloppy. It’s very silky for a water based lube. The fact that it’s a water based formula also makes it a great lube to use with silicone toys, and it’s entirely latex safe. Perfect to use with a condom.

Now if I were to be able to use this lube with out worry of a candida infection, I’d give this lube a 5+ stars rating. Hands down, it’s the tastiest flavored lube that I’ve tried yet. The fact that it does contain glycerin makes it not as useful to me as I’d wish. Therefore I’m almost forced to give this lube a 4+ stars rating. It’s tasty as fuck but it’s still not going in my vag. If you’re looking for a yummy flavored lube to aid with blow jobs I suggest that you check out System Jo Chocolate Delight!

System Jo Sweet Pomegranate Water Based Lube ~ ★★★★+

A special note of thank you to System JO for sending me this item in return for my honest opinion. Disclosure

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5 Responses to “♦ System Jo Review ~ Chocolate Delight”

  1. buzzvibe says:

    Yeah, that’s the trouble with flavored lubes. Most of them do contain glycerin, which I have to avoid due to sensitivities. Still, they’re great for oral if they taste good, so I’m glad to know this one does.

  2. what does my name mean says:

    hi wats your myspace page

  3. adriana says:

    So the taste is actually good? WHOA!

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