I recently received a fabulous shipment of books for review from the kind folks at Hunter House. Hunter House is a publishing house centered around wellness, they offer books for health, family, and community, located in Alameda, California.

For my first Hunter House review, I decided to start with a book from the Dare series, Dare… to Have Anal Sex written by Coralie Trin Thi. This saucy series was first published in France, and has been translated for us English speaking folk by Yvone K. Fulbright.

In the Preface the Author, Coraline, begins with telling the reader her background. She’s not a doctor, nor a sexologist, and she’s with out a diploma or degree. But.. she does have over 13 years of experience in the industry. She basically says that, as with all sex acts, use your common sense and be careful when embarking on a new sexual endeavor. She lets us [the reader] know that this book is written from her personal experiences with sex and information cited from historic, scientific, and theoretical sources, as well as reputable internet sources.

The Introduction lays out “the ultimate taboo” and the idea behind why our society deems anal penetration as taboo. [Judeo-Christian thought.] It then moves on to why people choose to partake in anal exploration; female virgins wanting to preserve their hymen, pregnant women, gay, lesbian and bisexual people, as well as heterosexual women and men. Basically people of all makes and models are partaking anal for different reasons.

Chapter one - The History of Anal Sex. In the first chapter Coralie touches on the history of anal, and a break down of the taboo. Why anal is perceived the way it is in today’s culture. Ancient Greek bisexuality plays a huge part in this. The ancient Greeks perceived anal sex as a way to transfer virility. From that belief and over time, the patriarch starts to see the receptor as inferior, and thus we have a taboo. As soon as Christians take over ancient Rome anal sex hath become a crime. The crime of sodomy was mainly put forth to dissuade man from homosexuality. Because a homosexual couple cannot reproduce more Christians to further Christian reign. Created basically to keep the Christian faith predominate.

Chapter two - The Psychology of Anal Sex. There are many obstacles to overcome when contemplating trying anal sex. My favorite line from this chapter is “You cannot fool your own ass.” Some may find anal to be uncomfortable. Some may find it to be entirely pleasurable. [I am the ladder.] Coralie then covers thoughts that people have in regards to why someone would practice anal.

Chapter three - The Body in Question: Anatomy, Hygiene, Sanitary Rules and Preparation. Coralie covers all four of these topics in detail. There are also diagrams included to aid the reader, in getting to know ones anatomy. This chapter also remind the reader that once a toy, finger, or penis is inserted in the anus it should not be placed in another orifice.

Chapter four - Sex Toys. My favorite chapter, you can guess as to why. In this chapter Coralie covers the use of dildos, anal beads, geisha balls, butt plugs, vibrators, and harnesses.

Chapter five - Preliminaries. This chapter covers the mental and physical preliminaries that need to be met before anal penetration. erogenous zones, kegel exercises, and praise.

Chapter six - Anal Sex. This is the heart of the book. All aspects of actual anal intercourse is covered in detail. Prostate stimulation, the use of a harness and even the all mighty fisting. [Which I've yet to try.]

Chapter seven - The Anal Kama Sutra. In this chapter sexual positions perfect for anal penetration are covered. There are illustrations showing the positions recommended, and each position is covered in detail. Tips for use of each position are included. My partner and I tried many positions shown and each position offers a different yet fabulous pleasure.

Chapter eight - The Third Eye: The mystique of Anal Sex. This last chapter covers Tao and Tantric belief. It’s a fairly short chapter but touches on  opening your Chakras

I can say with certainty that I enjoyed reading all 125 pages of this book. I love history and this book is laced with historical references of the sexual nature. It’s well written and a very easy read. I’ve read it twice from front to back and flipped through it a handful of times, yet each time I pick it up I’m intrigued. It keeps my attention. Honestly I haven’t found anything that I dislike about this book. I’m less apt to practice opening my chakras but I can’t say that I won’t be interested in that in the future. Therefore I’m giving this little book a five star rating. It’s informative and also a very fun read.

Dare… to Have Anal Sex by Coralie Trinh Thi ~ ★★★★★

Folks, if you’re a book lover like me, you ought to follow Hunter House and their Dare series on twitter and check out their facebook page!

A special note of thank you to Hunter House for sending me this book in return for my honest opinion. Disclosure

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5 Responses to “♦ Hunter House Review ~ Dare… to Have Anal Sex”

  1. Screaming Violet says:

    I think I might just have to get a copy of this, sounds like a great read.

  2. Kayla says:

    I ended up with one of these books from another series, and I love it. Now I want to read this one. :)

  3. TarynsView says:

    I am very intrigued by the Dare series! I must get me this book!

  4. Ed says:

    Thanks for the thorough review. I found the breakdown of the chapters very helpful in understanding what the book will deliver to the reader.

  5. Ashley says:

    It is so interesting to see a book that’s not written by a “professional” but that comes off as very professional and knowledgeable!

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