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Now of course you all know that I’m a HUGE fan of female orgasm, and when Madame M.’s offered to send me this book among a few other treats, I was delighted. I love my body, I love being female, and I love the big O. Whether it be alone or with my partner, either way, an orgasm helps release tension and stress, and pretty much floats me on a natural high. It’s also free, and damn near ready when needed. Everyone I know masturbates. I’m just one of the little group of folks, who partake, and write about it. It’s completely natural, and I wish more were taught that it is.

This gem of a book is a paperback, and contains 276 pages of material, with a ten page index. The cover is a picture of an I ♥ Female Orgasm, button.1 Very minimalist clean white, with black and red text. [Love it.] But, if you have little ones or a nosy family member or visitor, you may want to cover it with a book cover.2

I ♥ Female Orgasm by Dorian Solot & Marshall Miller is packed full of fun and helpful information whether you have a vagina or not. Yep, this book is for anyone interested in female orgasm. Men women, and transgender alike, listen up, I’m thinking you’re gonna want to pick up a copy of this book. I’m loving mine. It’s chalk full of valuable  information. And it’s a fun read. Amusing yet informative.
FYI; this might be a tad long review, because so much information is covered in this book.

Chapter one - The Low Down on the Big O. This chapter starts with the top ten reasons to have an orgasm. I’ll list the first three, It’s great, it’s free, it’s legal. Uh yeah agreed, agreed, agreed. The list is long but awesome none the less. The chapter then moves on to, what is a female orgasm, the clitoris, and then female arousal.  Kegels are covered as well as fantasies. There are also diagrams and tips loaded all throughout every chapter to help.

Chapter two - Petting the Bunny. This chapter is all about masturbation and the female orgasm. Dorian and Marshall destruct the lies and myths that many have heard about female masturbation. They also give the reader a hefty list of fun slang phrases for female masturbation. Sex tips for partners are given as well as tips for solo masturbation, and then Marshall and Dorian share stories that they’ve collected of first orgasms.

Chapter three - So You Want to Have an Orgasm? This chapter lays out the details on achieving an orgasm. This chapter is laden with tips for both the person wishing to achieve the orgasm and their partner as well. There are also drawings to assist the reader with becoming familiar with the female genitalia. Very important to know!

Chapter four - Going Down, Down, Baby. In this chapter Dorian and Marshall cover oral sex and the female orgasm. They first talk about over coming shyness and self consciousness, and then give the readers tips for boosting your oral sex self esteem. Dorian and Marshall also cover good positions for lips to lips action. Then this chapter gets kind of ugly. They start referencing different foods to try out with cunnilingus. Uh yeah no. Don’t try foods on the vagina, that’s a yeast infection waiting to happen. Luckily they finish up with saying that food play has been known to cause yeast infections. And then I like the book all over again.

Chapter five - Doin’ It, and Doin’ It and Doin’ It Well. This chapter covers intercourse and the female orgasm. They start this chapter with positions. A good many. Then they cover orgasm during intercourse, and simultaneous orgasms. Dorian and Marshall finish this chapter with twelve steps to making your first time a great time. Use protection, use lube, and have a great sense of humor are three very important tips shown.

Chapter six - G marks the spot. This chapter is dedicated solely to the G-spot and female ejaculation. My favorite chapter of all. Dorian and Marshall show the reader how and where to find the Gspot, and then give tips on fingering. [Great tips!] Next up, female ejaculation. A Q&A of female ejaculation is covered and the pee fables and myths are told un-true. Then the elusive Aspot is discussed. The anterior fornix erogenous zone. Aka the AFE zone. It’s right above the Gspot, further in the vagina. Some find this area to be sensitive some don’t. [I do.]

Chapter seven - Vibrators, Toys, and Piercings, Oh My. My second favorite chapter of the book. Sex toys and their uses are covered in detail. As well as piercings. Dorian and Marshall even list woman friendly sex toy boutiques that one might like to visit if looking for a vibe. I recognize a handful of these boutiques, and of those that I recognize, I agree… they’re quality. Some of them are seen on my sidebar.

Chapter eight - Let’s hear it for the boys. This chapter covers men and female orgasm. How to be a great lover to a female is covered in detail. They then discuss the topic of erectile function, and lastly penis size. I agree with the women polled in this chapter, size of the penis is not everything.  Then comes, faking orgasm. One of the worst things a woman can do in their relationship. Why fake it, then he’ll think he’s doing it right. Just be honest and you’ll both be happier in the end.

Chapter nine - Coming With Pride. Lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gay, and straight but adventurous orgasms are covered. Lesbian or girl on girl sex is covered in detail, and tips are given to aid the reader. They then touch on strap on sex, and then move quickly to transgender and intersex experiences. A very informative chapter that I feel I’ll be rereading again.

Chapter ten - Knocking at the Back Door. This chapter is chalk full of info and advise for the anally-curious. [Fun times!] Rimming and the shocker are shown in a how-to format. And of course they advise in lubrication and protection for all anal play.

Chapter eleven - Preventing Bugs and Babies. Methods of safe sex and birth control are covered in detail. A very important chapter, saved for last. Dental dams, the pill, condoms, the sponge, spermicide, among various other forms of protection and birth control are covered, and then how to use each method is also shown. Marshall and Dorian finish the book with what to do, if you think you’ve contracted an STI or STD. [See a doctor people!] Remember, nothing will go away on it’s own, and you should always go in for at least a yearly exam.

I feel that, I ♥ Female Orgasm by Dorian Solot & Marshall Miller, is a fabulous book for beginners and advanced alike. Absolute new-cumers might get the most out of it, but I’ve learned many new facts and ideas by reading this book. Had I personally owned this book when I was first experimenting in masturbation, I’d have felt more like I wasn’t the only one wanking in my room or the shower.
I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone who is interested in female orgasm; Male, female, transgender, newbies and advanced lovers. All in all, I feel that this book is a winner. The only thing that I didn’t approve of, and hope everyone disregards, was the food on the vagina stunt in chapter four. Dorian and Marshall did warn of a yeast infection, which in turn made my heart much less heavy. Though I wish they’d left out foods with sugars all together.3

I ♥ Female Orgasm by Dorian Solot & Marshall Miller receives the Femenina Deliciosa Hot Product rating!

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Thank you Madame M.’s!

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  1. The authors sell the buttons, and also t-shirts printed with the logo. []
  2. Which is exactly what I’ve done for travel. []
  3. Ice is good, whipped cream is not. Tasty, but it’s never going on my vag. Nor should it yours. []

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  1. Garnet Joyce says:

    One of my personal faves. I recommend this book often

  2. buzzvibe says:

    Ooh, I love the Madame M’s website! I’ll have to check this book out, seeing how it covers one of my favorite subjects. :)

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