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I simply adore feminine things. Frills, lace, feathers, all of it. I also adore sleek sophistication, but it’s feathers that always excite me. The Stripteuse kit from Bijoux Indescrets, available from Madame M.’s is a spicy kit filled with a bunch of goodies for you use for a striptease. Bijoux Indescrets is a a provocative and sophisticated new brand of erotic products from Spain. Sexy in a tin, folks.

The Stripteuse Kit contains:

  • Long black feather boa
  • Red garter belt
  • Red rhinestone pasties in the shape of a star
  • Music on CD
  • And some fake money ya’ll

Ok lets chat about what I thought was good first.

All of the goodies come in a very cute tin. I’m a total container slore and I love the tin. A matte finish black cylinder, with black embossed polka dots and the Stripteuse star label in silver and black. It’s very cute and totally a keeper tin.

The boa rocks. It’s lightly scented with a flowery, powdery scent, which isn’t too bad [or good but I'll get to that]. The boas feathers are absolutely soft, and feel lovely on my skin. The boa is a full feathered boa. It’s definitely not the cheap, skinny & scratchy kind, that you’ll find in the Halloween stores this season.

The garter is cute. It’s made of soft red satin with a tiny red lace bow. But… it might not fit all sizes. It’s elastic, and I’m a four, five, or six, and this garter fits semi tightly on my thigh. I’m thinking this garter wont be fitting anyone fitting larger than a 7 or 8. But that’s just my guess.

The pasties are GD adorable folks. Red rhinestone, star shaped pasties that look adorable on too. They actually fit and don’t look weird on me. I have a smaller bust [B+], and they fit just fine. Even smaller busts might experience trouble with the fit, as they’re approx 3″x3″.

Now for what I feel is, the not so good.

First off, the fake money. [100 desirs] A cute idea, but we didn’t use it. At all. Why? because it’s perfumed with the same scent as the boa, but to a much higher degree. Which is probably where the boa gets it’s perfume from. [Headache city for me.]

And also, I’m not exactly thrilled with the music that they chose for the CD. It all reminded me of my parents. [Aaaahhh!] The Eurythmics is on the CD, which totally rocks yet they totally remind me of my Mom. Also there’s only 5 songs on the CD. So yeah, I just made my own mix CD.

The only thing that I was actually bummed about, is the perfuming. The boa is so fabulous and soft, and I’m hoping that by leaving it out, it might lose the scent of the fake money. Because like whoa, that money is potent. If you don’t have issues with scents, totally disregard my bitching. Flowery perfumes usually give me headaches.

All in all, I think this kit is very cute. Everything looks absolutely adorable on me. The feather boa, the pasties, and the garter. Which makes me a very happy gal. Of course I choose to wear heels, stockings, and a few other accessories, because that’s how I do. I can easily see myself giving this kit to close friends as a gift for bachelorette parties, and b-day/holiday gifts. The Stripteuse kit is a sexy evening waiting to happen. Just don’t forget the lube, sex toys and condoms!

Th Bijoux Indiscrets Stripteuse Kit receives the Femenina Deliciosa Medium Product rating.

Fortune Cookie #4 (160 x 160)

Thanks Madame M.’s!

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3 Responses to “♦ Review: The Bijoux Indiscrets Stripteuse Kit”

  1. Yay! I haven’t read a review in a while, I’ve been so busy, I haven’t even gotten a chance to do any reviews myself! So sad… I really should get back into it.

    I’m not a huge fan of floral scents either. Disappointing about the money, cuz it’s a cute idea. But I may have to check this kit out! <3

  2. LucyLemonade says:

    I hear you about scents, you definitely don’t want to get a migraine while doing a striptease just because the dollars smell like perfume. Kind of defeats the point on what the end result of the tease might be.

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