The Tantus Ryder, available from Good Vibrations, is a positively fabulous anal plug. The Ryder is my second Tantus anal toy with my first being the Tantus Ripple. Ryder is made of Tantus’ luxurious platinum silicone. Tantus silicone is non-toxic, phthalate free, and completely hypoallergenic. Being that this plug is made of silicone, I recommend using a water-based lubricant with it. Oh, and because it’s an anal toy, using a personal lubricant is a must. The anus doesn’t create it’s own natural lubricated goodness.

Ryder measures 4” tall x 1 ½” diameter. Even though I knew of the measurements before requesting for review, upon receiving this anal plug I was a bit surprised. It looked much larger than I thought it was. Ultimately, the larger size of this plug is the reason behind why I love it so.

Ryder arrived packaged in the typical Tantus box; clear plastic, red and white accents, with the entire toy visible through the container. Making it perfect for store display or to be re-used for storage. Good Vibrations offers Ryder in a deep midnight purple1, but I have seen it available in various other colors from Tantus.

The shape of Ryder is perfect for my body. The base of the Ryder is flared making it perfectly safe for anal play, and the silicone is very flexible. The base rests comfortably between my tush cheeks, and the shape of Ryder makes entering the anus pretty easy with a little foreplay first and also a good amount of lube. Also, the taper of the plug is perfect to keep the plug from shooting out, upon orgasm. And remember when I said that Ryder was larger than I expected? Well that is a blessing folks. Ryder fills me in a wonderful way, and I wouldn’t wish for it to be any larger or smaller.

I’ve mostly loved wearing Ryder during intercourse. I have a total fantasy of being double penetrated, and having the Ryder filling me, while enjoying the pleasures of vaginal orgasm care of my partners penis, es suprema. Enserio. Suprema. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to try wearing Ryder for longer periods of time, but honestly I probably wouldn’t consider Ryder to be an all day plug.2 The size makes me think it would become uncomfortable.

The Ryder is by far my favorite Tantus anal toy. Like I’ve stated before, there is nothing that I wish to have changed about it.3 The Ryder fills me quite fabulously and it’s entirely anal and body-safe. Bravo Tantus!

If you’re looking for a fantastic intermediate anal plug head over to Good Vibrations and get yourself a Tantus Ryder.4 Good Vibrations is making the world a sexier place, one sex toy at a time. And, If you’re new to anal play but would like to experience that pleasure, take a look at the Good Vibes: How to Enjoy Anal Sex article.

The Tantus Ryder receives the Femenina Deliciosa Hot Product rating!

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Thank you Good Vibes!

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  1. I have various Tantus toys in that color. []
  2. For myself, that is. []
  3. Ok, maybe I’d take it in a different color. []
  4. Seriously, this anal plug is the biz. []

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