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The Jimmyjane Iconic Ring is a simple, clear elastomer vibrating cock ring. Also referred to as a c-ring.1 The Usual Suspects line from Jimmyjane is styled in a crisp monochromatic white, and consists of the no-nonsense basic designs that many have come to love. Unlike other elastomer and disposable c-rings that are on the market today, the Iconic Ring is the first cock ring to feature replaceable batteries. And the second set of two LR1130 batteries are even included for convenience.2 I also read that this cock ring is water resistant. Which means shower play is possible, but I don’t recommend submerging it in a bath or sink.3

The Iconic Ring is packaged in a small cardboard box adorned with Jimmyjane’s simple style. Look ma, no hands! is celebrated on the inner sleeve of the packaging, with the actual ring nestled right in the middle of the vivid hot pink interior.

The Iconic Ring is know as a couples favorite, and I can easily see how it has acquired that reputation.  This hands free vibrator is a great way for couples to share sensation. There are two power modes, and the two modes offer users either constant vibration by pressing a tiny button on the side of the bullet, or a touch-sensitive mode where it vibrates only when the clit4 comes into contact with the bullet.

The Iconic Ring measures about 1.5 inches in diameter, and is easily stretched to about 4″ in diameter, accommodating any size penis. Cock rings are meant to be worn on the base of the penis’ shaft, over the testicles. Yes it’s possible to wear a cock ring only at the base of the penis, but they’re really designed to be worn over the scrotum as well. Basically the c-ring holds all the junk and assists the wearer in maintaining an erection for longer periods of time; prolonging the lovin’ for both partners. If you or your partner have never worn a cock ring take a look at the Babeland Guide on How to Use a Cock Ring.

My partner and I both agree that the touch-sensitive mode rocks. The vibrations are pretty good for a teeny tiny bullet, and add just that little bit extra to the already fantastic experience. I’m happy to say that this bullet actually lined up quite nicely with my clit when worn by my partner, and the little elastomer nodes stimulate my clit well when vibrating. But I’m thinking that this bullet wouldn’t be nearly strong enough on it’s own, to help me orgasm. Only combined with vaginal intercourse, does this bullet seem to bring me to that point.

The Iconic Ring performed well for my partner and I. If you’re looking for a gift for that special penis this holiday season, I recommend the Jimmyjane Iconic Ring, available at Babeland. Also take a look at the Sexy Holiday Gift Guides for gift ideas to make that special someones holiday truly delightful.

Jimmyjane Iconic Ring - Deliciosa tested and approved.

Babeland is a sex positive sex shop that cares. Right now if you purchase an Orgasm in a Box $2 will be donated to the Food Bank of NYC and Urban Rest Stop in Seattle. Come for a Cause!

Thank you Babeland! Disclosure

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  1. Because this c-ring is made of semi porous phthalates-free elastomer, it’s not safe to be shared. []
  2. Mine actually didn’t come with the extra batteries included. But that’s not a big issue. []
  3. To clean just wipe it down with soap and water, and a clean wash cloth. []
  4. or other body parts, []

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  1. Nicky says:

    Thanks for the link to the cock ring guide. I am getting this soon, and my husband and I have not tried a ring yet.

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