LipLoq Apothecaries, the creators of {a Chap’s Stick} Lip Balm, recently sent me out one of their snazzy peppermint lip balms for review, and I’m in love with it. This lip balm is all organic, made here in California in the City of Angels1, and it arrived creatively packaged in what looked to be a hand-made envelope.2

And it gets better. Tucked inside the crafty envelope was a tube of the the balm encased in a tiny adorable multi-color leopard printed box.3 Inside the cute little box, is a fortune include with your tube of 100% organic peppermint lip balm.

The ingredients are: (all organic) bees wax, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, and pure peppermint essence.4

Not only does {a Chap’s Stick} smell deliciously pepperminty fresh, and it tingles your lips giving them a fuller more plump look, but it’s also luxuriously smooth wearing for long periods of time. It doesn’t get gloppy at all, or dry out, unlike other various lip balms I’ve tried. Saving the best detail for last, this lip balm is a fun addition to fellatio or cunnilingus. Just apply to your lovers lips and let them go down on you. Or vice versa, apply and go down on your partner. {a Chap’s Stick} tingles and has a lovely cooling affect. In fact, this is the first cooling product that I’ve enjoyed used on my sensitive bits.

Being that it is made with such a devilishly strong peppermint oil, you’ll probably want to do a small swatch test on your skin if you’re normally hindered with sensitive skin, like myself. In my case, when my partner wore this product on his lips and kissed my body, the lip balm tingled my clit and nipples without being overly strong. And he loved it when I wore this balm during a blow job. It tingles just enough to be exciting, but it’s not overpowering, and didn’t leave a burning feeling for either of us.

By far {a Chap’s Stick} is my new favorite lip balm to wear. It’s the balm folks! ;) Seriously, I’ve given up on wearing my previous favorite brand, simply because of how silky this balm feels and stays on my lips. I will soon need to purchase a refill of a few more tubes, and if I were you, I’d do the same. In fact, wholesale prices are available for quantities of 25 and more, and if you want a custom blend, LipLoq will create any flavor combination you like. They will also create special packaging, and special fortunes to order. I’m thinking this is a fabulous party favor, of the adult kind, and I will definitely remember it the next time I plan an event.5 Take a look at their website for details on purchasing.

{a Chap’s Stick} Lip Balm, by LipLoq Apothecaries, easily receives the Femenina Deliciosa Hot Products rating. Muy caliente!

Thanks LipLoq Apothecaries! Disclosure

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  1. L.A. []
  2. Sorry for the poor quality pic of the packaging. It was obviously late that evening. []
  3. Rainbow leopard print, people. So adorable! []
  4. Be advised, oil based products are not compatible to use with latex condoms. Use with a latex condom will possibly cause the condom to tear or break. []
  5. I’d much rather have this lip balm, than any penis or boob party favor. For real, yo. []

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