This page pretty much sums up everything you’ll need to know when shopping for, and caring for your sex toy. First let’s start with shopping, because that’s my favorite sport, and I’m very good at it.
You must first decide whether you’re going bargain hunting or designer label. You must also decide on a material preference and price point. I’m an affiliate of many companies, and each company that I affiliate with has plenty of discounts that are seasonal. If you’re looking for anything in particular feel free to tweet me @FemeDeliciosa.


I shouldn’t have to tell you to clean up after yourself, so hopefully you already clean your sex toys. If not… shame on you. That will cause nasty infections, and just eeeewwwh.

WASH your play things off with soap and water, before and after each and every use. Plskthx.

SANITIZE your toy often by:
Boiling them in water for three minutes. Vibes can’t be boiled. Obvs.
Run them through the dishwasher on the top rack with no soap.
Make a 10% bleach solution, and douse your toy.

STORE your toy in its original package, a toy pouch, a sandwich zip baggie, an air tight container, anything that will keep your toy clean. Most toy materials with the exception of a few, are lint magnets. Anything and everything will stick to them. I usually store mine in either the original package or a nice toy pouch. I have an entire curio cabinet for my toys, so space is plenty.


PVC/JELLY/RUBBER/LATEX materials are usually the lower man on the totem pole. Their not very kind to the body and have been known to cause burning sensations. Some contain phthalates which are harmful. If you are purchasing a toy in any of these materials, please use a condom over your toy because they’re porous and can retain harmful bacterias that will cause an infection. Because of this, do not share these toys.
~ Can be used with water based and silicone lubes. Not with oil based.
~ Use the wipe down method

REALISTIC MATERIALS go by many names, Cyberskin and Futerotic, to name a few. Care for these by washing them. Do not boil. Fleshlights are supposed to be washed only with water. No soap. I do not recommend that you share your Fleshlight.
~Use only water based lube. Other lubes will break down these materials.

SILICONE is completely body friendly, and is safe to insert in any orifice without use of a condom. Silicone is phthalates free, latex free, hypo-allergenic, non toxic, and food grade. You can eat off this shit. Silicone feels pretty incredible, and like I said, it’s one of my favorites. Silicone can be shared, just as long as it’s sanitized between partners. Or slip a new condom over the toy between each partner.
~ Can be used with water, and oil based lubricant. Normally you should not use silicone lube with a silicone toy. Think of a diamond, you should never rub diamonds together, right? The answer is right. Well you should never use silicone’s together, either. It will most likely cause your toy to become rather tacky to the touch, and cloudy and funky. So don’t do it. I usually use a body friendly natural water based lube.

GLASS/METALS/WOOD/CERAMIC materials are completely safe and body friendly. Remember that these materials have no give to them. [Which can be awesome for G-spot pleasure.]
~ Can be used in unison with any and all types of lube. Again use your favorite, most body friendly.

*This page is a work in progress and will be updated as I receive new information.

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