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 A few weeks ago I came across a rad condom that I’ve yet to see available in my local shops. The Stimulus Pack. Most aptly named, mind you. Not just your regular silicone lubricated latex condoms, and nothing like the other condoms that I’ve reviewed.
 Why? Simply because they’re ingeniously printed, with a full color character of Mr. President Barack Obama throwing Siskel and Eberts two thumbs up.
 Yep, uh huh. They went there. Our current President of the United States is branded on a rubber. And I love them for that!

 Graphic Armor is the company behind these presidential condoms. Graphic Armor specializes in custom graphic condom production, design, and innovation. They actually have the North American patent, to create custom graphic condoms by printing a non-toxic image on the actual condom itself, without compromising the integrity of the FDA approved latex condoms.
 You got it right, these latex condoms have graphics.
 Pretty cool if you ask me. Even if you’re not askin’ me, they’re damn cool. I’m a supporter.

Why make the Obama condom? Well. Graphic Armor made the Obama condom as an example of their new technology, and to turn some heads! Which it does. Here’s what Derek of Graphic Armor said about The Stimulus Pack condoms “We needed a graphic that everyone would react to, and the artwork had to be intricate enough to show the level of separation and fine line art that we can achieve. This technology is brand new and we are the first picture condom on the market! We feel like this will be a new and powerful marketing tool for forward thinking businesses that recognizes the potential for a marketing and promotional item such as this.”

 If you’re a company looking for a new, contemporary, and awesome way to promote your product, I recommend you check out Graphic Armor. If I had my own company I’d pass condoms out instead of business cards. Graphic Armor can print just about anything that will fit onto these condoms. They also provide package and foil printing design. Their services range from the custom printed graphic latex condom, to just the outside foil wrapper being printed, or both.
 Do you believe in safe sex practices? I do, damnit. I hope you do. Graphic Armor can make condoms for any special event, for promotion of your company or organization, for Colleges, etc., etc. Party promoters… hey oh! Get these for raves, for concerts, for shows, I mean seriously… bar owners, club owners, venue operations, event managers, all these people should think about handing out condoms in their establishments.
  I hand out condoms to party people of San Francisco every weekend at bars and clubs. I get all dolled up, a lil’ sassy attitude, and I pass out condoms to club goers and sometimes lushes who look like they’ll need it. And I don’t get embarrassed handing a condom to a complete stranger. In fact I feel good, because I’m potentially helping them. It’s a win win situation. Fo sho.

 The Stimulus Pack condoms are packaged in threes, and promise to ”Keep You Safe Through Hard Times”. So true. That’s an awesome statement, and I love it. If you read my last condom review, you’ll know how important it is, that people use protection. HIV/AIDS is not the only sexually transmitted disease out there. There’s tons, like chlamydia, genital warts, genital herpes, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, syphilis, and the list can go on and on. I’ll bet my savings, that most people do not wish to contract a sexually transmitted disease. Ever. (If you wish to, your on your own there buddy.) All of these STDs and STIs can easily be prevented, first of course by abstaining from sex, or second by using protection. No, I’m not here to preach to people that abstinence is the answer, because well that’s just no fun. I’m only sayin’ that condom use is the answer, and should not be a question. Condom use is key.

 Sex doesn’t have to be serious either. These condoms are quite cute, and definitely not serious.
 I’ve had incredible sex that was fantastic and kinda funny at the same time. So don’t think that you can’t have some fun in the boudoir. Porn stars have fun… haven’t you ever seen the bloopers after the dvd is over? After all, sex is fun, and it’s all about the motion in the ocean. Am I right? Cool, thought so.
 When I first received these condoms I was thinking a bunch of funny shit, like “have your Obama fantasy with The Stimulus Pack”, “now everyone can have President Obama in their boudoir”, “Poor Michelle”… or ”not sold to those damn Republicans”. Ok, ok, just kidding.
 On a genuine note, these condoms performed well. They’re a basic silicone lubricated condom, made from premium quality clear latex, and the printing is entirely body safe and non-toxic. They’re like a pimped out ride with a graphics kit. Some people are allergic to latex so please be aware. (If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Duh. Common sense.) They most obviously make a very awesome gift, and I plan on giving some away on this very blog. So stay tuned you sexy bitches.

 Of course, let me chat some about their performance. The Stimulus Pack condoms perform great, and nothing unlike any other condom. The printing has a very slight texture but nothing that will irritate the vagina or anus. I wondered if it would, and I’m glad that I can be the guinea pig for you. For reviews sake, I’ve used them a handful of times, and each time they performed very well indeed. No breakage, no irritation, no problems. Just pure pleasure. The latex is not incredibly thick and I felt the definition on my partners penis through the latex. Good stuff, no wonder they printed Obama with two thumbs up. I’m also giving these condoms two thumbs up, the equivalent of a five star rating! They’re not only unique, but they perform very well, and I like them. Honestly, the words like and love, are doing nothing to describe how I feel about thems rubbers… if you were sitting right in front of me, I’d probably say these condoms are legit. That’s it, that’s how I feel. They’re legit.

The Stimulus Pack by Graphic Armor ~ ★★★★★+

Thank you Graphic Armor!

Hey folks… you can also check out the Graphic Armor 2010 AVN clip on you tube, and get connected on Facebook: Graphic Armor, The Real Stimulus. Word.

*The opinions and thoughts expressed herein are solely my own. Your opinion and/or experience may differ. I was very graciously given this product from Graphic Armor, in exchange for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review.

 Sensis Condoms with Quikstrips are one of the most unique condoms I’ve received for review. Not because of their color, shape, or packaging, but because of their design.
Why do I say that? Because these condoms have Quikstrips applicator tabs that you are to hold, while applying the condom to the penis, which in turn causes less room for error. I’ll explain application further on in the review.

 First I’d like to say that I truly believe condom use can not be a question. It is the answer.
 Many people of all ages and races are being infected not only with HIV and AIDS, but other less lethal STDs and STIs, like genital herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B, genital warts, chlamydia, etc, etc. Ok people.
 I know that there’s almost a 99.9 % chance, that no one is interested in getting a sexually transmitted disease, yet some people continue to engage in unprotected sexual “relations” as Bill might say.
 Fact is, those who don’t protect themselves are not only harming themselves, but potentially infecting others, and most of the time it’s without even knowing.
 Condoms are the answer. Protection is the answer.
 This Is why I choose to review condoms often on my blog. I hope that you all are using condoms already, and are engaging in safe sex practices. But if you aren’t, I hope this review will assist you in deciding to use a condom the next time, and always.

 Let’s look at the facts that Sensis has provided for me.
► Over 19 million new cases of sexually transmitted infections/diseases will occur this year.
► It’s estimated that over 65 million are living with a STD/STI.
►STIs cost the US around $15.5 billion annually.
► 1 in 4 teen girls has had at least one common STI.
► Chlamydia is America’s #1 STI ~ At least 1 million cases just last year.
► The rates of STIs have more than doubled in less than a decade.
►1 in every 5 people who contract HIV in America are not diagnosed, let alone reported.
►Total number of persons in US thought to be living with HIV/AIDS is around 1.1 million.
►Just under 1 in 3 teenage girls will become pregnant, almost 750,000 this year.
►Teen pregnancy costs the US at least $7 billion annually.

 These are some very scary, and substantial numbers.

 Sensis Condoms with Quikstrips are made most ingeniously, with tabs to easily apply the condom with out tearing or touching the condom in the process. Thus making it less likely that your condom will fail, or that you will contract an infection or disease. Pretty darn awesome, and useful if you ask me.

Here goes the application instructions:
1) Hold the Sensis Condoms so Quikstrips ridges are facing up away from the body
2) Place over the head of the penis
3) Pull the tabs down and outward to unroll the condom into perfect position
4) Enjoy!

Easy as that, and also clever! R. Beau Thompson is the man behind the legend. He created this easy to apply condom, because of a certain application mishap that left him swearing “never again”.
Beau Macguyverd an old dot matrix printer, a pole spear, and some spare car parts, to develop the primitive prototype for Grove Medicals ”third generation” machine that would catapult them into the industry and into today’s high-efficiency Grove Medical manufacturing plant. Beau and his Grove Medical partners offer a significant advance in condom technology because they are offering even more to the consumer. Now not only do you have the condom to protect you, but you do not have to actually handle the condom itself. You instead are using the Quikstrips to apply the condom, which makes it highly unlikely that you will damage the condom causing a tear. Also because you aren’t touching the condom, you are less likely to obtain an infection from organisms carried on your hand. Incredibly sanitary condoms, these are!

 I was very lucky to receive these Sensis Condoms in the thin lubricated style and also micro-dot-ribbed lubricated. Both styles are great, and I must say, incredibly easy to use. They have a reservoir tip and and are made of natural rubber latex. Some people are allergic to latex, so please be aware.

 Sensis condoms should not be used in combination with oil based lubricants. You can use water based lubricants or silicone based lubricants. The most common reason for a condom to tear is lack of lubrication.
 Condoms are also useful to use over sex toys for ease of cleaning, and better sanitation with jelly materials and porous toys.

 When I used these condoms, I had absolutely no trouble applying them, and neither did my partner. They’re kinda fun to put on, I don’t know why, maybe just watching it roll down the penis shaft. The Sensis micro-dot-ribbed have very stimulating dots that add just that extra texture to stimulate the vagina, or anus. They stimulate very well might I add! The thin lubricated style is very aptly named, and thin enough to make sexual intercourse incredibly pleasurable. One thing I noticed is that these condoms are sized well for my partners penis which is a good thing for us. If you have a smaller penis or a smaller toy to be covered, these might fit slightly baggy. Not good. A condom should fit snug but not tight, and definitely not loose. If you apply a condom, and it is loose fitting, it may come off during intercourse, potentially risking infection and or pregnancy.
 All in all, these are wonderful for me and my partner. I’m giving them a five star rating. There really is nothing that I can say bad about Sensis Condoms with Quikstrips, and when I finish up these samples I’ll be purchasing more, especially the micro-dot-ribbed, because I love-me-some texture.

 Sensis Condoms with Quikstrips ~ ★★★★★

Thank you Grove Medical!

 PS: head over to the Sensis page and get a free condomsutra screen saver for the box that you’re playing on.

 *The opinions and thoughts expressed herein are solely my own. Your opinion and/or experience may differ. I was very graciously given this product from Grove Medical, in exchange for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review.

May 152010

So back in the day, I had this totally awesome friend at high school. Her name was Lindsey. She was two years my senior, a vegan, and she made it look so hot.
I’d go to her house and eat crazy pasta dishes, and drink chocolate soy milk (which tastes like bean juice), and I’d listen to her tell me about everything. And anything.
Our friendship only lasted a few short years but she was a true friend and I wouldn’t mind bumping into her again along life’s path. Not only was she cute as a button but, she was caring which was her nature, and she was highly intelligent. (Probably why she graduated a year early, and then went straight into law school, to help fight for animal rights.) Total sexy vegan diva. This review is for you Lindsey, lol.

I contacted Caryn of RFSU Condoms and Ozone Wholesale, to review her product. She so graciously sent me RFSU Condoms ~ Okeido, Birds’n Bees, Profil, and Mamba.
So when I found out that I was getting a chance to review RFSU Condoms, I instantly thought of my old friend, but I knew that I would have to not give a biased view, when writing this review.
I truly wont paint it with rose colored lenses, but I do love these condoms.

I’ve tried more condoms in the past month, than I have in years, because I generally don’t have use for condoms during intercourse. Only because I’m in a very committed, and monogamist relationship, do I feel comfortable enough to come to this type of conclusion.
I do use condoms over all of my toys, no matter what material it is made of, and especially over dildos and vibrators made with jelly material. Jelly material is porous and can retain harmful bacteria that can cause infections. (In the words of the rapper Big Pappa, “So if you don’t know, now you know.” Keep your toys covered with a condom for ease of cleaning, and better sanitation.)
That makes the awesome invention of the condom, twice as useful.
Anyhoo, back to my RFSU Condom review.

I must say that I am always in luck, because my partner happens to be a willing subject, to any, and all sexual activity, and friggin’ loves my writing reviews.
He obviously was too happy to help me test these vegan friendly condoms.
Lets just say that he’ll buy some again when we run out of our last few.

First we tested these condoms vaginally, all four types, Okeido, Birds’n Bees, Profil, and Mamba. Then we also tested them anally, all four types again.  But not the same condom for vaginal and anal use, because double dipping is a serious no-no, and I don’t just mean with chips and dip. Do not ever let someone put something in your bum and then put it straight up your vag. Two words - Infection city! Or these two words - Fuck no.

Anyway, we were two happy love muffins, and spent a long weekend in Napa on what was supposed to be a “work” vacation. We worked it, but not on my career. It was a vacation to remember.

Here’s the stats:
RFSU Condoms are CE and FDA approved certified vegan.
RFSU is a Swedish non-profit organization
Manufactured in Sweden.
Made of natural rubber latex.

Mamba: Silicone lubricated, yellow latex, snugger fit, contoured with tip, smooth surface, length 175mm x width 51mm x thickness 0.06mm

Profil: Silicone lubricated, clear latex, natural feeling, contoured with tip, smooth surface, length 185mm x width 52mm x thickness 0.06mm

Birds’n Bees: Silicone lubricated, green latex, with bumps and ribs, contoured with a tip, length 185mm x width 52mm x thickness 0.06mm

Okeido: Silicone lubricated, silky clear latex, smooth surface, longer and fuller fit, length 190mm x width 53mm x thickness 0.07mm

If you would like to read up on RFSU Condoms you can look here.

Ladies and Gents, I know your wondering which one is my favorite.
I love the Birds’n Bees! I love textured and colored condoms, and this style has both factors, they have both bumps and ribs and they’re green. You really do feel the texture, its damn good.
The King of my kingdom happened to love a few, for different reasons.
He liked the Okeidos for vaginal because it gave him room for the member. He loved the Mambas because it was a snugger fit, so they were a great condom to use for our second go around, if you know what I mean. (If you don’t, then the Mambas acted kind of along the lines of a cock-ring, and held him firm.) But, his favorite were the Profils. He’s always a sucker for condoms that offer the most natural feel, and well, the Profils do just that!

Most importantly, all condoms are lubricated after they’re rolled. which means that the bottom half of the condom is dry, so when you put on the condom, make sure to either massage the lube down the entire shaft of the condom covered penis, or apply more!
A dry condom, is a broken condom waiting to happen.
Do not add any oil based lubes, RFSU recommends using a waterbased lube in unison. I did not experience a break using these condoms, and generally if there is enough lubrication, there should be no breakage.

All in all these are yet another great condom on the market, but I’d say even better, because they are Vegan friendly. Which makes them useful for our friends who choose not to use animal byproducts. Too friggin cool!

If your interested in purchasing these RFSU Condoms from Ozone Condoms, just look here.
Also, if you know a sex shop or retailer that you think should carry these condoms, let them know! You’ll be amazed what a few product requests will do.

Caryn of Ozone has shared this valuable information with me, so I feel the need to pass it on:
Caryn says, “RFSU condoms are silicone lubricated, silicone is the lube of choice for most manufacturers because it allows a longer shelf life for the condoms because silicone doesn’t break down like water based lubes. There are some really great silicone lubes on the market. All condom manufactures lubricate the condoms after they are rolled leaving the bottom half dry. Dry latex is very drying to women.
Silicone lube is also a better choice for women who have issues from cancer treatments. Radiation effects the mucus membranes and creates dryness for all normally moist tissue; female lubrication is a hormonal function. Radiation stops this hormonal functioning, causing vaginal dryness. The vaginal walls are thinned by the radiation and the tissue is very delicate and tears easily. With water based lubes, the water evaporates with the heat and friction- leaving the chemicals which become sticky and create more ‘drag’. For women who don’t understand their own body functions, the lack of lubrication creates another problem of dry, painful intercourse. A great silicone lube is all it takes to solve this problem.”
So now you see that Caryn is a very informative person to know, I recommend that you take a look at her site, Ozone Wholesale.

*Please always remember to wear a condom during sexual intercourse. Condoms provide protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. These condoms are made of latex,  persons with latex allergies please be aware.

** This is my opinion of my experience with this product. Your experience and/or opinion may differ. I was given these condoms, from Caryn of RFSU Condoms and Ozone Wholesale, in exchange for this review. Thank you Caryn!

Very recently I was sent One Condoms to review, and also giveaway to you very lucky readers!1

I’ve spent my last few days and evenings, trying out these totally neat looking condoms from ONE, and I must say that I am truly impressed. I’d also like to add, that I really do enjoy a product and company, who takes pride not only in their product and performance, but also the packaging and over all “look”.

One Condoms themselves are each encased in a unique circular shaped disc wrapping, and brilliantly printed with vibrant and fun graphics. The quality of the condom itself, living up to if not exceeding my expectations, being that these condoms are so marvelously adorned and packaged.
I’ve yet to experience a problem whatsoever with these condoms, and quite frankly, I don’t believe I could have a sour word to say about them.
They really are just marvelous.

One Condoms come packaged in a clean lined, reusable, hard aluminum and plastic case, and are made in Japan or Malaysia depending on the style you choose.
The aluminum case looks like one that personally I would keep, and reuse for storage of condoms in the future. Its very sturdy looking and doesn’t scream CONDOMS at you if it were to be tucked in a purse, locker, desk, or dresser drawer.
I really can’t count how many times that I’ve kept a watch case, cigar box, saffron tin, or some other delicious looking package, that had a unique design or appearance for further use in the future. Recycle-reuse my friends!

I tried all of the styles of the One Condoms, that I will be giving away, and let me tell you all that these condoms are quality!

One Condoms are made with an advanced latex formulation called sensatex. They are softer, smoother, clearer, and purer than other condoms on the market, and they use premium silicone lubricant of their own formulation. One condoms are individually, electronically tested for safety and reliability, which makes me very happy to hear.
One condoms are also a very socially conscious company, and they support many programs to help fight the AIDS epidemic, of which you can read about on their web page.

I often use a condom over toys for ease of cleaning, and rarely use a condom for sexual intercourse being that I am in a monogamist committed relationship. (Which I believe is the only instance where not using a condom should be permitted). Condoms protect not only yourself from contracting an STD, but also potentially infecting someone.

Lucky for me, my partner offered to test these condoms out, for vaginal and anal intercourse right away.
I’m *pleased* to say that he was truly delighted! Pun intended…
I think he also was intrigued by the “look” of these condoms, which is probably why he was so ready to test them out.
My Partner said that he absolutely loved the sensation of the ZEROs which are 25% thinner than regular One Condoms, and felt as if we were having sex condom-less. As for myself… I mean come on, who isn’t going to love a glow in the dark condom? I loved ‘em!
That’s right, my favorite was the glow in the dark.. ONE’s Glowing Pleasures, glow in the dark condoms are rad! (Yes I said RAD, I’m a child of an old school surfer, and a product of the 80′s.) Expose the condom to light for 30 seconds, and let the glowing fun begin! Just to let you know… the glow lasted our session, and actually held the glowing longer than we both had expected. Way too cool!
We also tried the Super Sensitives, and the 576 Sensations on Cinco de Mayo. The Super Sensitives are just that, they let the feeling of the mans penis shine through.  The 576 Sensations are textured with bumps that give that extra bit of sensation for more stimulation. Here’s what One condoms says about the 576 sensations, “The 576 are covered with the largest super-stimulators available anywhere.” I agree, they really are!

All in all I feel that these are awesome condoms, the look, the feel, and performance are top notch in my book. I really do love that One Condoms have taken the extra steps to make their product shine!
I recommend these condoms to anyone who is getting involved in sexual intercourse and also to someone who is like me, someone who truly enjoys a quality product.
*When used properly a latex condom can help reduce the risks involved with sexual intercourse, like pregnancy and contraction of STDs like HIV (AIDS).

**This review is based solely on my opinion, and your opinion and experience may differ. One Condoms provided me with the samples of their product for review, and also the 3 packages of condoms for a giveaway.

Ok, Ok, on to the fun stuff and here it is. I’m finally announcing…

Starting today 5-7-10 through 5-21-10  I’m giving ~ 3 ~ lucky readers, a chance to win a 12 pack of One Condoms for their very own! Giveaway ends 5-21-10 at 11:59pm PST. Winners will be announced Sunday 5-23-10.

You got that right, I said 3 winners for this giveaway!

WINNERS3 of you will receive a package of One Condoms containing a dozen, designer, and quality condoms. I have two packs of the Premium Pleasures and one pack of the Zeros, which entitles the first prize winner to get first choice, silver medalist second and bronze… well you’ll get the leftovers.
*Plus* each winner will receive a 3 pack of Adult DVDs. The DVD set includes Eden, Kaydens Krossfire, and Sunshine Highway, courtesy of moi! (I just happen to have a few of these brand new DVD sets, left over from purchases through a certain retailer, so I thought I’d share the wealth with you three, because you know me… that’s my style.)
The way I see it, with a dozen ONE Condoms, and a pack of 3 adult DVDs, you ought to have a SEXTACULAR event if you know what I mean.. wink, wink. ;)

Rules are pretty easy…
1) This contest is open to 18+ only, sorry, but if you’re under that age you shouldn’t be reading my blog.

2) I’m paying for the shipping on this giveaway, so that means this contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only.
International countries: I’d love to ship this prize to any country,  if you pay for the shipment. You can pay through Pay pal.

3) Mandatory entry, if this is not done all entries are in void:
Just visit the One Condoms web page, and tell me which condoms look intriguing to you. (+ 1 entry)
Any style you like, just be sure to leave a comment below with your e-mail so I can reach you, if it is not already on your profile.

4) Multitudes of additional entries!
You must leave a comment for each entry. If the entry says that you are entitled to 3 entries, you must enter 3 separate comments for that entry.

* Friend me on Facebook (+1 entry)
* Follow me on Twitter (+1 entry)
* Blog about this contest on your blog, just be sure to leave me the link or URL in your comment (+3 entries)
* Link my blog ~ Femenina Deliciosa ~  in your blogroll (+3 entries)
* Get your VIP pass to Femenina Deliciosa with google friend connect (+ 3 entries)
* Friend One Condoms on Facebook (+1 entry)
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* Tweet this contest daily with what ever you’d like to say, just be sure to include @Gardenvy and the hash tag  #ONEwin …don’t forget that you must also come back here and leave a comment including your tweet (+1 DAILY entry)
* Grab my widget for your blog (+4 entries)

Alright you sexy group of readers… there’s a bunch of ways to win, so good luck to you and may the most Karma friendly human being win!
Please always remember to play safe and wear protection!

  1. Yep, this is my giveaway announcement, and review, all wrapped up in one posting, so pay attention… lol. []
Apr 202010
I was looking around at condom clip art for my last posting.
 I stumbled upon a gem.

Condom fashion, tres chic?

Dainty cocktail number, just in time for spring.
Wow, these actually look very well made.
OMG some designer has created wedding dress art.
 This dress may just change my mind about marriage.
Or maybe not.
Ooh la lah, tres jolie.
 Just what I’d love to have plastered to my head.
An insanely unnatural looking latex condom blossom.
Looks like this designer was going for the figure skating princess look.
Actually this is not a bad look for a condom tank.
Except for the fact that it’s made entirely of condoms, of course.

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