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The VIDA line, is a luxurious line of sex toys, crafted from black onyx silicone and gunmetal anodized aluminum, packaged in a deluxe black faux leather case, perfect for travel and storage. All of the Vida toys are body-safe, rechargeable, waterproof, and come packaged with a product guide, a storage pouch, and a carrying case.

The Vida Zara, available from the folks at MyPleasure, is my very first experience with the Vida line of sex toys. And that experience, isn’t near what I expected. Not because of looks, or craftsmanship. Because the Vida Zara scores a perfect mark in both respects. I’m disappointed because Vida took the time to make this vibrator in a quality way, but left out one of the most important things.

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The people from Penis Bandz recently contacted me via twitter and sent me out a few sample packs of their funky little pecker bracelets for review. Quite honestly, I don’t know how to begin to review a set of dick bracelets.1 I guess I’ll begin with what they’re made of. Penis Bandz are made of a matte finish silicone that is stretchy, colorful, and resilient. In fact, no matter how long I wear the bracelets2 on my wrist, when removed they always return to their cute little phallic shape.

I can honestly say that I’m not the gal that would wear penis bracelets out and about town. Or penis necklaces, penis hats, penis socks, or anything penis for that matter. Believe me, I love-me-some dick, but I personally see these bracelets geared more toward the bachelor/ bachelorette party goer. In fact that’s the only time and/or place that I would even think of accessorizing an outfit with various dicks.3 And even in the event of said party, I’d more than likely have to be severely inebriated to rock the dick bracelets.4

Ok, now check it. Penis Bandz are shown available in purple, pink, black, blue and even yellow too.

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  1. Not to be confused with c-rings. []
  2. in the privacy of my home []
  3. Other than my boudoir. []
  4. Truly krunk, yo. []

The Rocks Off Rock Chick, available at Babeland, is a U-shaped dual stimulation g-spot dildo and clitoral vibrator all wrapped up in one ergonomic toy. Many say that the Rock Chick compares to the rabbit style vibes “only better”, and in fact, the Rock Chick is featured as a Babeland Staff Picks.

The Rock Chick is made of 100% pure medical grade silicone, in a vibrant shade of grape purple. The silicone used to make this sex toy is velvety, very flexible, and completely hypoallergenic; containing absolutely no latex, and no phthalates. Because of it’s velvety texture, there is a good amount of drag on the skin and a lubricant is almost necessary. Being that this sex toy is made of silicone, I recommend using a water-based lubricant in unison. I’ve used Sliquid Swirl Pink Lemonade with mine, simply because I’m in love with that lube, but any body safe water-based lube should work well for you. Continue reading »

The latest addition to my toy collection is one of the most darling little vibrators that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. carries both the Kokeshi Doll-girl and the Kokeshi doll-boy and they’re equally adorable. The Kokeshi Dolls are three-speed, waterproof vibes, that are designed after the antique, handmade, wooden Japanese Kokeshi dolls that many people collect today. I Japanese Kokeshi Dolls, and Geisha’s too. Which totally meant that I must review1 the girl vibe first. Eventually, I see a matching little Kokeshi Samurai in my collection as well.

The Kokeshi Doll vibes come packaged in a clear plastic container that is great for viewing and to reuse for storage. These vibes measure 5″ tall x 6 1/4″ around the widest point. They’re made of phthalates-free TPR [Thermoplastic Rubber]. Because they’re made of TPR, you shouldn’t share your Kokeshi Doll with partners2 and you’ll need to use a lube that is rubber3 compatible. I’ve enjoyed using a water-based lube with mine. The texture of the vibe is silky smooth, and the head of the doll is where the vibrations are the strongest. When used in unison with lubricant the vibe slips and slides over my clit and labia fabulously.  Continue reading »

  1. POSSESS []
  2. unless you first cover it with a condom []
  3. or latex []

I simply adore feminine things. Frills, lace, feathers, all of it. I also adore sleek sophistication, but it’s feathers that always excite me. The Stripteuse kit from Bijoux Indescrets, available from Madame M.’s is a spicy kit filled with a bunch of goodies for you use for a striptease. Bijoux Indescrets is a a provocative and sophisticated new brand of erotic products from Spain. Sexy in a tin, folks.

The Stripteuse Kit contains:

  • Long black feather boa
  • Red garter belt
  • Red rhinestone pasties in the shape of a star
  • Music on CD
  • And some fake money ya’ll

Ok lets chat about what I thought was good first.

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When I found out Good Vibes was offering the Tunnel of Love for review, I knew that I had to have my partner try it out. I absolutely LOVE silicone toys for their durability and because they can be sanitized. They’re also phthalates free and non porous. Which means they’ll last a lifetime with the proper care, and they’re entirely body safe. So, a silicone masturbation sleeve sounded like the perfect toy for him. Continue reading »

In my box of goodies that I recently received from System Jo, came a bottle of their Sweet Pomegranate water based lube. I’m a big fan of flavored lubes, mainly because I’m a foodie by trade, and also because I hate it when I go down on my guy and get a whole mouth full of rank tasting lube. GROSS. Easy fix though, use a tasty flavored lube.

I have a few lubes that, just the smell makes me want to gag. Those lubes are in the “jack off bin”. [A bin of lubes that don't pass the test. Mainly there for my guy to use up and jack off with.] Not the case with Sweet Pomegranate System Jo! This lube is sweet and fruity tasting, without being overwhelming. It’s light, it smells lovely, and when in use I’m intrigued by the flavor and not turned off. Now to say that it tastes exactly like the actual pomegranate fruit, would be telling a tall tale. But. It does taste fruity and very yummy, and I’d recommend this lube to friends who are looking for a water based flavored lubricant. Continue reading »

I’m an affiliate of Good Vibrations, my local sex toy shop. Good Vibrations is a fabulous place to shop, they’re eco-conscious, and sex positive, and their customer service is top notch. When Good Vibes offered the Tenga Egg’s for review, I was stoked. I always review products that cater to women, and I know that I do have a percentage of male readers to entertain. So with out further ado, let me introduce the single use Tenga Egg male masturbation sleeves.

My package was shipped almost immediately, and arrived uber discreetly in a couple days. Honestly when the Tenga Egg arrived both My guy and I were a bit miffed at the fact that the egg is just a wee bit larger than the everyday Jumbo chicken egg. Measuring 2 1/2” long x 1 3/4” wide. Yep It’s like the most fantastic Easter egg ever. [Except the $20 egg that my dad hides.]

The outer wrapper of the shell is like those shrink wrapped Easter eggs, Just peel off the perforated seal and crack your egg. Inside is your masturbator sleeve, and a packet of lube is also included. The entire product description is written in Japanese. The lube packet as well. Makes it hard to know what’s in the lube. So I looked it up, and here are the ingredients: purified water, glycerin, sodium polyacrylate, phenoxy ethanol, and paraben.

The Tenga Egg is available in six different versions. Each version has a different texture on the interior. I received the Clicker. The green one. Clicker has protruding nubs inside, and the boy toy seemed to like the nubs .

Did it perform?

Well. Yes and no. The guy says the nubs inside are stimulating, and if he or I were away, this masturbation egg would come in handy. But. After a few strokes, he blew right through the end of it. Seems this egg is not made for a larger penis. Honestly It covers a third of his penis when not stretched. Yes it stretches, but not proportionately. It stretches in the tip when pumped, and not through out the entire product. I think this may be due to the fact that the Tenga Egg is made of a super squishy elastomer.

What is an elastomer?

An elastomer is a natural or synthetic rubber or rubberoid material, which has the ability to undergo deformation under the influence of a force and regain its original shape once the force has been removed.

So to conclude, I figure that this is a novel idea, but a bit wasteful. One to three times used, then tossed in the trash? Just doesn’t sound logical to me, with going green and all. I kinda feel bad for the rubber trees that were wasted to create these masturbator sleeves. I believe my opinion would be different if these lasted a lot longer. But, not the case. So for a novel idea I think it’s fabulous. I want to add a few in my guys Christmas stocking and Easter basket, but then again they all might be blow outs like the Clicker. Who wants to have to be delicate when jacking off? Not me or my guy. We get down and dirty with a bit of vengeance. Eggs are fragile, so are the  Tenga masturbation Eggs.  I’m graciously awarding the Tenga a three star rating. If they weren’t so damn cute I’d probably be forced to give them a lower rating.

If you’re in the market to pickup a male masturbation sleeve, or any personal products for the boudoir, I recommend that you take a peek at what Good Vibes has to offer. They also have a newsletter, so sign up and receive five bucks off your purchase!

The Tenga Egg receives the Femenina Deliciosa Medium Product rating.

Thanks Good Vibes!

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