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The VIDA line, is a luxurious line of sex toys, crafted from black onyx silicone and gunmetal anodized aluminum, packaged in a deluxe black faux leather case, perfect for travel and storage. All of the Vida toys are body-safe, rechargeable, waterproof, and come packaged with a product guide, a storage pouch, and a carrying case.

The Vida Zara, available from the folks at MyPleasure, is my very first experience with the Vida line of sex toys. And that experience, isn’t near what I expected. Not because of looks, or craftsmanship. Because the Vida Zara scores a perfect mark in both respects. I’m disappointed because Vida took the time to make this vibrator in a quality way, but left out one of the most important things.

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The Wahl All-Body Massager is one of the most well known massagers around and for many years the Wahl has been a staple in boudoirs all across the land. It’s not as pretty as some of my other sex toys, but it’s discreet enough and it’s multipurpose. And also incredibly powerful.

My Wahl arrived in a simple thin cardboard box. Nothing too fancy. The box does contain graphics of both the massager and the attachment tips on the exterior, but it does not contain anything pertaining to using this massager as a sex toy. Which makes this massager a welcome choice for those who prefer discretion. No one will know it’s your vibe. Except for me, but that’s beside the point. Continue reading »

I recently was contacted to start reviewing for MyPleasure. Honestly, when I received the initial email, I was delighted! I had previous experience toying around on their webpage, and I knew that MyPleasure’s approach to the adult industry is… well… quite refreshing!

Upon entering their site you will notice a different feel. They don’t have scantily clad ladies adorning their page. In fact I’ve yet to see any nudity. They don’t sell porn. But they do sell informational DVDs, and how-to guides.  They’re simply dedicated to providing the finest sex toys, accessories and education for the best shopping experience possible. They want not only for their customer to enjoy their new purchase, but also to be informed and educated on its proper use. So you can assume that I was pleased. My contact Jeff, whom I’ve dealt with exclusively, was entirely personable and helpful. He not only took the time to email me, but also gave me a phone call where we chatted about what My Pleasure has to offer their customers. MyPleasure has a resident sexpert Dr. Sandor Gardos. Yes he’s a Dr. and he’s also the man answering all of the questions seen on MyPleasure’s webpage. So if you’ve got questions, head over there for answers! Or ask me on my formspring.

For my First review, I was sent the Fairy Pocket Mini USB. My package arrived almost the next day, being that I’m located near them. My package was unadorned and totally discreet. Upon opening the package, I was happily surprised to find my cute little vibe all wrapped up in cellophane and a red ribbon! Just like a gift, and who doesn’t love a gift? The Fairy pocket Mini itself, is packaged in a thin pink cardboard box. Decorated almost entirely in Japanese except for a bit of English labeling it “for women’s”. =) I believe it’s also for “men’s” who enjoy external vibrations. I like to use mine on my partners testicles while giving him a BJ. It’s fun, and It makes his shaft vibrate a bit.

This vibe is made in Japan, USB charged, and will stimulate even the least sensitive clitoris. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty neat to me. I have a special place in my heart for just about everything Japanese. (Except them damn whalers.) The Fairy Pocket Mini is a smidge smaller than it’s predecessor the Fairy Mini Wand, and it looks similar to the Hitachi which I do not own. (Yet.) But… the Fairy Pocket Mini is much, much smaller. And also cuter, at a mere 2.4 oz. It measures a slight 5.75″ long by 1 inch wide, and I can easily say, that this little vibe will be cumming on many if not all of my holiday vacations! It’s small stature makes it the perfect choice for travel, and fits well in a purse. Especially my giant purses. That will fit a full size massager with plenty of extra room.

The Fairy Pocket Mini is definitely petite, but it packs vivacious vibrations. It’s a powerhouse and its two speeds will rock just about any boat.  The first speed (Low) I’ve nicknamed “Kick your ass” only because I’ve nicknamed speed two (High) as “kick your ass all the way around the block”. Yes, this pretty petite fairy shows us spunk, and will satisfy even the most impenetrable and heavily armored clit. Honestly it will. If you lust for intense buzzy vibes, this one’s for you!


That basically sums up the way I feel about this cute little compact vibe. It’s intense enough to make me cum even while used over a pair of jeans. Tis true, over my jeans people. I must add that it was on high speed.

I do believe that my preference would be low speed. (Kick your ass.) It’s vibes are still quite strong, but more on the thuddy side. Deeper vibrations. High (Kick your ass around the block), is a whole different story. It’s intense. It buzzes at a amazing 11,000 rpm, and tickles my bits to no end. Honestly I use speed two only when the battery starts to wear down. Otherwise it’s a bit too much for me. Doesn’t matter because I’m still in love the Fairy Pocket Mini. Speed one is just about perfect for me! But powerful still.

The fact that the Fairy Pocket Mini has a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Which charges with USB in short of 90 minutes, and lasts for around 70 minutes of use. Makes this vibrator awesome in my book. And also very handy. The Lithium Ion battery features the overcharge protection, so you don’t have to time it while it’s on the charger. It wont overcharge. It also features a handy blue light that automatically turns off when the battery reaches it’s full charge. Perfect because I’m never good at knowing when a batteries ready. I truly love that this little vibe doesn’t need regular batteries. I mean… go green right!? Right. It also includes a handy wrist strap, but I’ve yet to add that to mine. It reminds me of the straps that some people put on their cell phones. Seems like a good idea for this vibe. I guess you might drop the little guy if you aren’t careful and the little strap would help for that. But… I’m just not a handy strap kinda gal. So I chose not to use it.

Really there’s not much that I can say negatively about this vibe. I love it. I wish it were waterproof, but I’m still more than pleased with it. The Fairy Pocket Mini is adorable and awesome, and shall receive my highest rating. A perfect five stars! If you’re interested in purchasing a Fairy Pocket Mini, lube, or any intimate product purchase, take a peek at what MyPleasure has to offer. Check out their blog, and follow them on twitter!

I also recommend that you stop by this week, because I’ll be announcing my Fairy Pocket Mini Giveaway!

Yep. Thanks to MyPleasure, I’m giving one of you sexy someones, a chance to win a Fairy Pocket Mini for your very own! Stay tuned darlings…

Fairy Pocket Mini ~★★★★★+

*A special note of thank you goes to MyPleasure, for gifting me this vibe free of charge, in exchange for my honest review!

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