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Once I finished reading Rachel Venning and Claire Cavanah’s Sex Toys 101, I knew that I needed to read their book Moregasm. Even Oprah loves this book. Though I don’t necessarily love Oprah, I do agree with her on this, Moregasm is a must have for anyone who is sexually active, or anyone who will be sexually active in the near future. Moregasm: Babelands Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex is 263 colorful pages filled with sexual knowledge, and some great pics. Honestly, I had very high expectations of Moregasm because Sex toys 101 thoroughly entertained me. I’m delighted to say that this book far surpassed my expectations. If you have any questions regarding sex, any questions, this book more than likely has your answer.

On the very first page of Moregasm this is written: “Why settle for less-gasm?” Turn the page and the journey of Moregasm begins. Rachel and Claire, the authors and co founders of Babeland, the awesome woman friendly sex toy shop, have created what I like to think as one of the most entertaining sexual learning books out. Oprah magazine says “The writers are as down-to-earth and funny as your closest friend—and just as willing to offer the advice you always wanted (but were afraid to ask for).” Agreed O.

In the introduction we meet Rachel and Claire, and they explain to us why they’ve created this book: To answer all of our questions, be they sophisticated or basic. They wrote this book  from a woman’s prospective, and believe it will help anyone who has sex with women to discover and become a better lover.

In the first chapter we learn about the anatomy of our bodies. The second chapter we learn how to play with our bodies. Masturbation that is, be it with or with out toys. That chapter also has a neat toy shopping guide. Then comes the learning of men’s stuff. The third chapter is all about penises, prostates, and cock rings. Now the fourth chapter starts with make out tips, but ends with BDSM. This chapter is full of good info for anyone curious in trying something new. Then we move on to chapter five where were given tips on eating pussy, blow jobs,  hand jobs, clit play, boob sex, rimming and more. A very fun chapter. Chapter six is all about penetration. Vaginal and anal. Many positions are shown as well as info about fucking with a strap-on [harness]. That chapter finishes up with a great shopping guide for dildos.  The last chapter is all about safe sex. Various protective methods of safe sex are shown. Condoms, birth control, female condoms, gloves, dental dams etc.

All in all, I feel this is yet another one of Claire and Rachel’s fabulous books. I love the layout and over all look of this book. It’s colorful and entertaining, and also highly informative. If you’re looking for a book that can answer all of your question about sex, look no further. Babeland has you covered. Also, if you have  a young adult at home who’s ready to become sexually active, Moregasm is a great choice of reading material.

Moregasm by Claire Cavanah & Rachel Venning receives the Femenina Deliciosa Hot Product rating!

Thank you Babeland!

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