Question to self: Would I jack off with a hot pink silicone banana?

Answer: Are you kidding? That’s not even a question. That sex toy has to be all sorts of magical! And I need one. [If only, to leave in the fruit bowl when friends come over, or to use as a microphone when I rock out to Gwen Stefani.]

Uh huh this my shi*… all the girls stomp your feet like this…

When Babeland, the fabulously sex positive sex shop, offered up a Sex-A-Peel pink vibrating banana dildo for review… I jumped all over it like white on rice. Seriously. I was insanely excited and OMG-ing all over the place. Yeah… I’m a nerd, and a Warhol fan. And the Sex-A-Peel has Andy written all over it. [Not literally. But, I'd like to think that he'd own one if he were alive today. Yeah I'm definitely a nerd.]

So let’s get on with it shall we?

The Sex-A-Peel is a banana dildo, with a hole in the back side to insert a bullet vibe. Genius!
This dildo came with a black matte finish, one speed bullet, and the watch batteries are included. Genius yet again!
Now where the banana dildo itself is waterproof… the bullet provided isn’t. It’s water resistant. Which means it will probably break if it is immersed. So don’t go that route.
If you do feel like playing with the Sex-A-Peel in the shower or bath, just remove the bullet and use the banana as a dildo only. Easy fix. Or if you have a waterproof bullet, use that one. *A word of advise… put a drop or so of lube in the hole, before you insert the bullet vibe, to make removal much easier on you. It can be a total pain in the ass. Especially for a weakling like me.

Now lets talk about the performance of the Sex-A-Peel.

  • The texture is fabulous. It’s velvety, and in unison with water based lube, glides in and out of my vagina effortlessly and pleasurably.
  • The size and girth is exactly what I’m looking for. 7″ long by 1 1/2″ wide. Not too big and not too small. [Like in Goldilocks.]
  • The natural c shaped curve of the banana makes it easier to target that fantastic region of the G-spot.
  • The vibrations from the bullet vibe add a little extra something. [But they're definitely soft, and not intense.]

A banana is naturally a perfect shape for G spot pleasure. Although, I’ve never used a real banana or any other phallic fruits. But, I’d recommend jacking off with this one. It’s all sorts of fun.
It’s made of a soft matte finish silicone, that’s incredibly flexible and feels velvety, and it will quite possibly last you a lifetime with proper care. [Can't say that about a real banana, now can we?]
You may have also noticed that this sex toy doesn’t have a flanged base. Therefore anal entry is a dangerous matter, but you can always use the vibe on the exterior of the anus.

So yeah. I think the idea of the Sex-A-Peel is awesome, but the bullet that is provided isn’t quite powerful enough to make G-spot pleasure intensely satisfying for me. I need vibrations with more gusto. But… I don’t necessarily need vibrations to please my G-spot. It just takes me a lot longer to get off. [I usually use a dildo if I want to play for a while, and a vibe if I'm in a hurry.]
The bullet vibe that’s included, is great used alone for clitoral stimulation, or on my clit as I use the dildo, but when it’s inserted into the dildo it becomes much weaker. Which in turn sends me on the hunt for a super sonic bullet vibe, to amp up this toy. And a few others that I own. [Any recommendations?]

I think, if I had a different bullet vibe to use, with vibraciones intensas, the Sex-A-Peel would be all that more satisfying. Honestly I’d love to give the Sex-A-Peel a five star rating, but it would be on looks and size alone. To be fair, because it didn’t vibrate as well as I had hoped, I feel the Sex-A-Peel deserves a four + star rating. It’s awesome, and as soon as I find the perfect bullet, I’ll be updating you all with my findings. If you’d like a hot pink banana in your fruit bowl, visit Babeland! Especially if your looking for lubes, condoms, or anything of that sort, they’ve got you covered. Shipped discreetly and efficiently. [Because they're fab like that.]

Sex-A-Peel ~ ★★★★ +

*A special note of thank you to Babeland, for gifting me this sex toy in exchange for my honest review.

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4 Responses to “♦ Review: “This shi* is bananas….” Sex-A-Peel”

  1. Elodie says:

    I have to be in a very particular mood to stick a pink banana in my vag. However, I am now in that kind of mood and your review makes me wish I had one of these!

  2. Missy says:

    Love the review, love the banana! Wish I had one too :)

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