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For today’s Guilty Pleasure I introduce you to  the Pure Wand by Njoy. It’s one of the sexiest pieces of stainless steel out there.

I happen to be a lucky owner of this beautiful piece of sex toy art, thanks to the every so lovely Dangerous Lilly, and the insanely generous folks at SheVibe.
I won the second one given away, in Dangerous Lilly’s Milestone Giveaway. Yes. SheVibe gave out two of these astounding double ended stainless steel dildos. To help Lilly celebrate her second anniversary. They’re pretty awesome like that. And I’m truly pleased with my Pure Wand. Pleased indeed! [Thank you Lilly and SheVibe!]

This stainless steel dildo comes complete with a black storage case lined in soft raspberry colored satin. It’s fabulous. And luxurious. And just plain.. fucking.. sexy. It’s also on special at SheVibe for $72.99. A deal if you ask me.

Evidently, as soon as I master the wonders of the the Pure Wand, I’ll be reviewing it. [Now all I need are a few hours to myself. Or entire evenings.] And quite honestly… I don’t feel guilty about this pleasure, one bit. It’s fabulously ahhhmazing! I recommend.

It’s summer time. Even though in my neck of the woods we’re all bundled up. But nonetheless, it is summer time, and parts of the U.S. are sweltering in the torrid July sun. For today’s Guilty Pleasure post, I’d like to introduce everyone to one of the tastiest summer time inspired cocktails. The Creamsicle. Just like the 50/50 bars that we’d purchase form the ice cream man for around 2 quarters, this Popsicle inspired cocktail is refreshing, and delicious. It tastes like a 50/50 bar. Hello? Mouthgasm awaits you.

The Creamsicle
1oz Light Rum
1/2oz Triple Sec
1/2oz Vanilla Liqueur
Dash of Orange Juice
Dash of Cream

Mix in a shaker with ice. Shake until frothy. Pour/strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
* Summer tip - This recipe can be made and frozen in ice cube trays for a lovely accoutrement ice cube to your Creamsicle cocktail. That way when the ice melts it won’t water down your drink. Fucking genius for summer.

This is the cocktail to have at your side at the pool.
Or. If you don’t have a pool… Mix a cold one and then poach your neighbors pool! [What? I used to do this with my skateboard as a teen. But, we were looking for empty pools. And, your neighbors are probably on summer vacation anyway. Maybe?]
Or. Last resort… you can buy a Slip ‘n Slide. [I love slip 'n slides. Whomever can slide without spilling their drink wins. I win.]

If you haven’t already noticed… I love lace. Yes, I love lace. With a passion. It’s so feminine and sultry and simply beautiful. Of course overabundance and gobs of lace can be a bit overwhelming, where as little touches are fabulously fucking sexy.

And so I bring you the little yellow lace Boy Short panties by Frederick’s of Hollywood as today’s Daily Guilty Pleasure. I’m featuring these panties because I think they look lovely on any body type and they’re available in many sizes from XS -XXL. And because this buttercup yellow just says summer to me. It’s beautiful. [So is the models little tush.]

My guy loves-him-some boy short panties, because of the the way that they accent my curves and the bottom of my tush. [He's definitely an ass man.] I have these exact panties in black and I can say that they fit true to size. I’m a medium in my bottoms and they fit like a glove. They’re also inexpensive at $8 each or 4 for $25.

I’m thinking I need to pick up a pair in butter cup[shown], sweet pea, cherry blossom, and navy. So sexy and such a deal. I want/need four more plskthx!

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