Two of my most favorite things in life are sweets and sex.1 The Cookie Sutra by Edward Jaye is an adorable little book blending my two favorites.2

The Cookie Sutra includes 60 pages of gingerbread lovin’, where the cookie lovers are depicted in different kama sutra postures. The book creatively ends with the last page being a gingerbread recipe. And now you can make your very own gingerbread lovers. Adorable, I know.

Of course I absolutely had to get my paws this book. Not because I’m a pastry chef, but mainly because I love everything that has to do with gingerbread and the holidays. Really I do. I’m a holiday season addict. Here’s a pic of the gingerbread that I made for the buffet last year at work.3

As far as the kama sutra postures in Cookie Sutra, there are 22 featured, all of varying degrees of dificulty.

The book starts with the general preparation for your lover, grooming, and massage. It then moves on to basic but wonderful positions. Including the sheeps position4and the wife of Indra.

The book continues with postures that are more advanced, like the wheelbarrow and the suspended congress amongst others.

Then the book finishes up with the recipe. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to bake cookies from the recipe included, but at first glance it looks like a good basic gingerbread recipe. As the season creeps closer, I’ll be baking a special5 batch of gingerbread cookie lovers, and I’ll let you all know how this recipe works out. And, if you subscribe by email then you’ll never have to worry about missing my gingerbread lovers.

All in all, The Cookie Sutra features 22 postures that are shown and described in very little, but ultimately amusing, detail. It’s an adorably fun and entertaining book, and I personally see myself gifting this book to a few friends in the future.6 But I’ll be straight with you, when I requested this book for review, I wasn’t hoping for an enlightening manual. I knew it was a book of whimsy. All that was on my mind was most probably something like: “OMFG that is so damn cute!“.

If you’re looking for a book that will teach you the art of kama sutra… this might not be the best choice for you. If you’re looking for an entertaining read or even a cute gift for this holiday season, get your copy of The Cookie Sutra naow folks. ;) Either way, Madame M.’s has a great selection of books, sex toys, and other fabulous treats for your boudoir, so go have a look!

The Cookie Sutra ~ ★★★★+

Fortune Cookie #4 (160 x 160)

Many thanks to Madame M.’s for sending me this item for review. Disclosure

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  1. Mainly chocolate, but I generally love all sorts of sweets. []
  2. Sweet goodies should never be used during foreplay, or intercourse for that matter. That is, unless you’re after a candida infection. []
  3. Because of the economy crunch, we had to scale down the gingerbread display last year. Of course pastry always takes the biggest budget cuts. Still, the ginger bread “house” took an 8ft long buffet table for display, even after the budget crunch. []
  4. A personal favorite. []
  5. Well I really wasn’t think about making those kind of “special” cookies. []
  6. Stocking stuffer! []

One Response to “♦ Review: The Cookie Sutra by Edward Jaye”

  1. Angel says:

    Wow, your a pastry chef! Your a Master at it. Beautiful and gorgeous Gingerbread House I am in super awe. I thought you were an all around chef (I have heard you describes some of the meals you are preparing) well I am sure you are a mean cook as well.

    Oh the book is so cook so up my alley. I love sweet naughty things like that.

    I have always wanted to make a gingerbread house, I am big fan of The Foodnetwork and the cooking channel if I tune in I can’t change the channel. One day I hope to move in to a apt w/ at least a regular kitchen so I can cook or at least try to cook all the stuff I have seen. Including baking :)

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