The eye catching silver glitter Vixen Creations Champlette, available from Fascinations, is a realistically shaped, medium-sized silicone dildo, that’s made to please.

Champlette is my second Vixen toy. It arrived in a similar, sturdy, clear acetate cylinder, with red caps, as the Vixen Buddy came in. Just a little bit taller. Champlette is also my second Vixen toy, in that brilliant silver sparkle silicone.1 Vixen silicone is silky, flexible, and fabulous! It’s latex-free, phthalates-free, and it’s hypoallergenic. Make sure that you care for your toy well, and sanitize often to ensure a good long life of your silicone toy. To also ensure a long life, don’t use silicone toys with silicone lube. I recommend using a water-based lube.

For it’s semi-modest stature, Champlette does a fabulous job. It measures 6 inches long, with 1 3/8 inches or girth slightly widening to 1 3/4 inches in girth at largest point close to the flanged base. The curve of Champlettes shaft makes both g-spot and p-spot pleasure certainly attainable, and with the smaller circumference of the head, Champlette offers users ease of entry and exit. Which I personally think, makes Champlette a nice choice for anal play.2 It also has a flared base making it harness compatible and anal safe.

I’ve mainly enjoyed using Champlette in unison with a clitoral vibe, like my Hitachi or my Form 3. Champlette is shorter than most of my other dildos and Champlette is also a bit girthy. Which makes it a great dildo for me to insert and then focus on clitoral stimulation. There are times where I just want to be filled3 and Champlette is perfect for that. The head of the dildo easily enters my vagina with about 1 3/8 inches of girth, then the shaft tapers larger to almost 1 3/4 inches of full-feeling girth. It’s glorious people.

And I’m not going to say that I don’t highly enjoy my Champlette when thrusted as well. Because that would be a total lie. Thrusting Champlette is fabulous! Because of it’s shorter stature, it doesn’t hit the back of my vagina and cause pain. Champlette fills my vagina pretty much perfectly, and I’m stoked on finding a dildo that coordinates with my body so well. Bravo Vixen Creations! There is not one thing that I would change about Champlette. It’s a nice choice for advanced users and beginners alike. Just beware of the gradual tapering.4

I love sex toys. Especially dildos. You all know that. Sex toys are not just for solo play folks. A sex toy can be a very fun and exciting addition to a relationship.5 Although Champlette comes in fun colors, and sparkles; it’s shape is a very life-like resemblance of a penis. If you’re looking for a realistic-ish dildo, take a look at Champlette. Fascinations has a great price on Champlette and other fabulous Vixen sex toys as well. Head over there and see for yourself!

The Vixen Creations Champlette  is a Femenina Deliciosa Hot Product!

Thanks Fascinations!

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  1. Seriously y’all, pics don’t do this stuff justice. This silicone is packed with thousands of silver sparkles. It’s beautiful. []
  2. That is if it wasn’t for my Vixen Creations Buddy, that I’ve been playing with a lot lately. That little plug and I are almost inseparable. []
  3. And not fucked to oblivion. Though you might think otherwise. ;) []
  4. The very same gradual tapering that I adore for it’s fabulous filling-feeling. []
  5. My fiancée and I added sex toys to our relationship after almost 7 years together. []

7 Responses to “♦ Review: The Vixen Creations Champlette”

  1. Angel says:

    Well this is the second toy you gotten from VC and once again you got me intrigue about the way it feels. Really that good in being close to the real thing. I love how you described using it. You know entering you and not hitting the back of your vaginal wall. I must say that this VC toy I do not mind its look or name. Buddy to me just didn’t seem like a Buddy being all glittery and all.

  2. Selective Sensualist says:

    Ooh, pretty! I need to try Vixen Creations’ regular silicone dildos. So far, I only have two of their products (both VixSkin). I am impressed by the company and want more of their stuff!

  3. Shannon D says:

    Ooooh that’s so pretty! I know you said the pictures don’t do it justice, but if it’s really that much more amazing than I imagine it to look from the pictures (especially the last one), I’m sure it’s awesome. You mentioned g-spot stimulation… would you rank this as one of your favorite-ish toys for g-spot fun, or is it just ok?

  4. LucyLemonade says:

    This is so pretty, I love the look of Vixen’s colorful or glittery dildos. I hope to get a few of them in the future. Great review!

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