I’ve long wanted to change the way that I rate the products I review, and after a little thought, I’ve come up with a system that I think should work well here at Femenina Deliciosa.

In order to simplify things, and better portray my satisfaction, I’m limiting myself to these three ratings:

Mild - Medium - Hot

A Hot Product is something that I believe is fabulous. They’re the products that I’m in love with, highly recommend, and sometimes even giveaway. For example, Sex Toys 101 is a fabulous book, and I’d consider it as a Hot Product. I reviewed it and I also was afforded the opportunity to giveaway a copy.1

A Medium Product is a product that I would recommend but with some exceptions. Maybe it’s a vibe that isn’t strong enough for me, but is made with such quality that I believe others who prefer soft vibrations will enjoy it. Or maybe its a vibe that’s too intense for my taste. Though, those vibrators are few and far between.

A Mild Product is a product that I personally would not recommend. Under any circumstance. I’ll be reserving this rating for the products that I believe are the lemons.

All future reviews that I post will have my new rating already applied, and to be cohesive, I will be revising my previous entries with this new rating system.  Thank you to everyone for reading my reviews and blog posts, and for commenting as well. That’s always rewarding to see that people have taken the time to reflect their feelings.

Now I think I’ll post a review that’s probably overdue, and then I’ll retire with a book, a cup of tea, and a little pup on my lap. Who is at this moment, lustfully sniffing at the cookie and biscuit trays.

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  1. Both, thanks to Babeland. []

2 Responses to “A Little Something New”

  1. Violet says:

    This is such a cool idea, I think I might just have to come up with something similar for my site once I’ve finished re-designing it

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