At first glance, I knew that I’d enjoy the Fun Factory Curve. It’s is a beautifully designed dildo, reminiscent of a koi fish or serpent.1 Curve is designed for ergo-masturbation, and that’s exactly what it’s offered me. No sore wrists here folks. The Curve is available in the vivid 80′s hot-pink that I received, and also a vibrant shade of grapealicious violet-purple. Both of which, aren’t exactly my favorite colors. Though the design and shape of this sex toy, more than makes up for it’s lack of favorable shades.

If you’ve owned a FF toy, then you know what the packaging looks like. Clean and simple, huh. For those who don’t, the Curve came packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, very similar to that of the Teneo Duo Smart Balls and the Patchy Paul III that I’ve reviewed.  Red, silver, and cream graphics, adorn the box as well as a creative magnet close window for viewing of the dildo when on display. Inside of the package were the dildo, directions, a diagram of the entire FF product line, and a sample of the FF water-based Toy Fluid personal lubricant.

I’ll be honest, I’ve read mixed reviews of the Curve. Mainly because of the little nub on the head. The very same nub that I’ve come to soo adore. Some say that the nub is too stiff, some say too large, but I personally think it’s just right. Let me explain my lust for Curve’s nub folks. When inserted, the nub perfectly pushes on and massages my g-spot, making me quiver with orgasmic delight. Yes it’s delicious. The position of the nub is just perfect for my vagina, and paired with a vibe on my clit, I’m just set.

I don’t necessarily use this dildo for faster thrusting, instead I choose to use Curve for slow g-spot massage. The design of the “royal curl” handle offers the users an awesome handle to hold on to while toying around with the 10 inch long serpent like dildo. 8.5 inches of it being insertable, with 1.75 inches if girth. Girthy, ergo, and pretty. But jtlyk, it’s not harness compatible. Ok moving on.

One of the most important factors to look for when shopping for a sex toy is if it is body safe or not. I’m very happy to inform you that Curve is entirely body safe. It does not contain phthalates or latex. Curve is made with 100% high grade, hypo-allergenic silicone. A silicone that is luscious, very flexible, and velvety. And I also noticed that curve needs lot’s of  water-based lube because the velvet finish causes a good amount of drag. Curve can and most probably will last you a helluva long time. That is, only if you care for your toy well and sanitize it often.

Since 1995 the folks at Fun Factory have been producing sex toys with unique shapes, vivid colors, and fun in mind.2 Now that I’ve tried Curve, I’m interested in the FF Delight.3 I have not one complaint about Curve’s performance, nor would I change a thing about it’s design. It’s great. The color on the other hand, could use a little work. The three colors that I least like on my sex toy are pink, purple, and red. They’re also the three most used colors in the sex toy industry. This is my opinion though. Hmmm… oh well, color doesn’t change the fact that this dildo hits the spot. Five stars! Sehr nett aufgabe Fun Factory.

Fun Factory Curve is a Femenina Deliciosa Hot Product!

A special note of thank you to Fun Factory for sending me this item in return for my honest opinion. Disclosure

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  1. Or at least that’s what it reminds me of. []
  2. Good German engineering” my father would say. []
  3. The shape of Delight is very similar to Curve, which leads me to believe that I’ll like that toy as well. []

6 Responses to “♦ Review: The Fun Factory Curve”

  1. Heh I’m a purple freak! Almost everything I own is purple, but if I can’t get a toy in purple I always think, well my pussy doesn’t care what color it is :-p ^_^

  2. I have been really wanting to get this toy but I haven’t been too sure. Your review helped to make up my mind. :)

  3. Hooray, another person who loves it! This is definitely one of my favorite g-spot toys and I adore the nub as well. I love your koi or serpent relation, I had never really seen that before when I looked at it.

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