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Patchy Paul III comes packaged in the normal, clean lined Fun Factory cardboard box. This is my first Fun Factory vibrator, but I have a set of their Teneo Duo Smartballs, and recently acquired the Curve, all came in similar silver and red printed packaging, with sleek magnet close windows for display.

So far, I’m loving Fun Factory’s silicone! It’s soft, velvety, and bendable. I’d even say it’s kind of squishy and plush, which feels really awesome.1

I received Sir Patchy Paul the third, in a vibrant shade of hot pink. It’s also available in a rather awesomely electric, shade of lime green.2 Fascinations sent me this Fun Factory vibrator for review. Fascinations carries totally quality products, so I’d advise you to take a peek at what they have to offer, including the Patchy Paul III. Paul is a totally adorable sex toy, and I love cute sex toys! Paul looks like a cartoon version of a caterpillar or grub. And It also looks like it’s smiling at you.3

So, let’s chat about the performance, shall we now. It’s waterproof. And passed the tub test with flying colors. Which makes cleaning this vibe a whole lot easier.4 The shape of Paul’s nose finds my G spot very well. The nose is rounded which makes insertion not an issue and with a little water based lube, it ultimately glides fairly smoothly into my vag. The ripples are felt, but I haven’t chose to thrust Paul. I primarily kind of just let his nose massage my G spot. And the vibrations travel very well through the nose. The power on this vibrator is pretty awesomely intense, for 4 AAA batteries.5 Just fyi the batteries aren’t included, so make sure to grab some when you’re purchasing.

This vibrator is part of Fun Factory’s SmartVibes line, equipped with four speeds, and three patterns. And a Turbo boost. [Fuck yeah.] All of the speeds feel pretty good to me,  especially the medium and highest speeds. The patterns are a slow medium and fast pulsation, and the fast pulsation really rocks.

To turn the vibrator on just press the + button. You also press that button to cycle up through the speeds. Should you wish to go down in speed, press the - button. To turn the vibe off press the - button until it cycles through the speeds, and finally turns off. Not my preference, but it works. The thing that I’m loving about Patchy Paul is the turbo boost button at the very bottom of the control area which is aptly labeled with a *. It gives a very nice boost in speed. Very nice indeed, folks.

The only issues that I experienced while using this vibe, was the pressing of the buttons [they're kind of stiff to press] and I also wish there were a separate power button. Other than those details, Patchy Paul III is a provider. I’ve loved my experience with this vibrator and I think it’s a vibe I’ll use often. I’ve had wonderful orgasms thanks to Paul’s turbo boost. That little * button’s a GD winner in my book, and I’m giving it a four and a half star rating. The controls aren’t absolutely perfect, but the performance is great. Sehr schön Fun Factory.

Need a Patchy Paul III now? Or if you’d just like to see the awesome green it’s also available in, visit Fascinations. They’re a sex toy store that loves their customers, and treats them very well. In fact they’re offering everyone 10% off you’re entire purchase if you use the code GOFUN10. Fascinations is also offering free shipping on purchases $49 and over, and a free gift with any purchase. Sounds like a deal to me, and Patchy Paul qualifies you for the free shipping.

The Fun Factory Patchy Paul III receives the Femenina Deliciosa Hot Product rating!

Thanks Fascinations!

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  1. My vagina says so. []
  2. Love that color! []
  3. Which in turn causes me to smile. I know, I’m easily amused. []
  4. Always wash with soap and water before and after each use. []
  5. I haven’t yet worn out my first set of batteries which leads me to think that this vibe doesn’t drain them too quickly? []

One Response to “♦ Review: The Fun Factory Patchy Paul III”

  1. Jane Blow says:

    The only thing fun factory is missing for me, is the quick off button. I know you could hold the minus button firmly to get the toy to go off - but is it really that difficult to put in a kill switch? lol

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