The latest addition to my toy collection is one of the most darling little vibrators that I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing. carries both the Kokeshi Doll-girl and the Kokeshi doll-boy and they’re equally adorable. The Kokeshi Dolls are three-speed, waterproof vibes, that are designed after the antique, handmade, wooden Japanese Kokeshi dolls that many people collect today. I Japanese Kokeshi Dolls, and Geisha’s too. Which totally meant that I must review1 the girl vibe first. Eventually, I see a matching little Kokeshi Samurai in my collection as well.

The Kokeshi Doll vibes come packaged in a clear plastic container that is great for viewing and to reuse for storage. These vibes measure 5″ tall x 6 1/4″ around the widest point. They’re made of phthalates-free TPR [Thermoplastic Rubber]. Because they’re made of TPR, you shouldn’t share your Kokeshi Doll with partners2 and you’ll need to use a lube that is rubber3 compatible. I’ve enjoyed using a water-based lube with mine. The texture of the vibe is silky smooth, and the head of the doll is where the vibrations are the strongest. When used in unison with lubricant the vibe slips and slides over my clit and labia fabulously. 

The Kokeshi Dolls require 2 AA batteries, and the batteries are not included.4 To insert the batteries, simply twist off the battery cap on the underside of the doll. To turn the Kokeshi Doll on, press on the tummy of the doll at the flowered sash. To turn it off, press the tummy again and again, until you cycle up through the three speeds, returning to the off setting. I also must note that this toy is meant to be used externally only, folks.5

I love that the Kokeshi doll offers users three speeds, but I’m disappointed that the first two speeds are not quite strong enough for my taste. The third and most “powerful” speed, is a deep medium vibration; strong enough for me to orgasm, but it’s not a vibrator that I would consider to be über powerful. Another thing that like about this vibe is that it’s waterproof, and that makes cleaning your sex toy cake walk.

Ultimately I’ve found the Kokeshi Doll vibe to be a charming little addition to my collection. If you prefer softer to medium vibrations, Like my friend Elodie does, I’m thinking you’ll love the Kokeshi Doll. Head to PinkCherry for your Kokeshi Doll vibe, and while you’re there, you should check out the other great sex toys, lubes, and lingerie available. And, if you’re on twitter follow @PinkCherryToys for their latest updates.

The Big Teaze Toys Kokeshi Doll receives the Femenina Deliciosa Medium Product rating. It’s adorable, but not as powerful as I would like.

PinkCherry Sex Toys

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  1. POSSESS []
  2. unless you first cover it with a condom []
  3. or latex []
  4. I prefer to use rechargeable batteries with mine, and they’ve worked quite well so far. []
  5. Please don’t stick it up yer bum. []

5 Responses to “♦ Review: The Big Teaze Toys Kokeshi Doll”

  1. Missy says:

    It is cute! I love the footnotes you add to your posts :)

  2. It’s very cute! I’d love to get one and seeing as it’s not overly strong it’d probably work well for me.

  3. Dusk says:

    I’m curious, did you at any point get creeped out by the fact that you were masturbating with a doll? Haha, I think I might be okay with animal vibes but I would definitely think my Kokeshi Dooll was staring at me.

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